Aquarium fish: caring for guppies

Aquarium fish: the maintenance and care of guppies. Photo:


The simplest and most common content for aquarium fish is the guppy. Though they are small, but very beautiful. These fish will be able to care even children.

For novice aquarists guppies. It is not only the most unpretentious, but also very beautiful fish. They have the most diverse form and color of the tail.

These fish will approach the aquarium of any size. One pair of guppies can breed even in 3-liter jar. But in such conditions the fry will not be able to reach normal size, and they will not have the beautiful coloring of the tail. You need to understand that the smaller the volume of the tank, the faster it becomes dirty. On the bottom are deposited the remains of food. All this causes the appearance of harmful bacteria in the aquarium and your Pets can get sick and even die.

From time to time it is necessary to replace the water in the aquarium. But it is necessary to replace only 2/3 of the total volume in the well-settled water. The temperature of the added water should be the same as the main.

In the aquarium containing guppies, have to be aquatic plants. They perform several functions. First, plants are natural living water filter. Second, they introduced the fry can hide from the adults until then, until you grow up.

We must not forget about lighting in the aquarium. No extra light will be worse than guppies to breed or not at all. In winter, the aquarium must be illuminate about 12 hours, and in summer – 14. It is desirable to arrange so that at least sometimes caught the sun's rays.

The choice of soil also influences the climate in the aquarium. It needs to be a middle fraction. Small soil is too dense, which would create obstacles to the growth of aquatic plants and proper water filtration. The largest will skip to the bottom of a large number of food residues and waste fish. Whichever soil you choose, it will have from time to time to clean and wash. This procedure should be done once in 6 months. And with each change of water should be cleaned using a tube with a grid at the end.

To feed guppies also undemanding. They eat well as a dry balanced food, and live, for example, small bloodworms. You should feed them small amounts 2 times a day.published



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