Tips for beginning aquarists

When you just poured water into the aquarium, she first turbid, do not be afraid, after a while (about 4-14 days), it will again become bright (when turbidity in the water bred germs, when water is lightened, so infusoria eat the bacteria). Fish is desirable to start already and be sure to shadow rise from pooled water. The real enemies of the aquarium — a single-celled algae. Most often, the aquarium impress a green (algal blooms), hair algae, and blue algae. Green algae appear or from excessive light, or from the large amount of accumulated organic residues. To fight them you can: reduce lighting, clean aquarium.

The hair algae (long green strands) and remove physically: wound on a wooden stick, but be careful not to pull together with algae and plants!

Blue algae in the aquarium with the biological equilibrium will never exist. But if they are still there, then clean all devices and plants, walls and stones, rinse and boil the soil. Identify them by how they cover the leaves of plants of stinking blue-green film. To deal with them very difficult, it is easier not to start an aquarium and always care for him.

Sometimes on the walls of the aquarium is the green or brown patina. It is also seaweed. Brown algae appear if the tank is poorly covered. Clean the walls with a scraper and enhance lighting. Green algae on the stacks indicate too much light. Clean the walls with a scraper and reduce lighting.

Together with live food for You aquarium can get a variety of parasites. This includes the Hydra. Hydra has length without tentacles about 1cm, like a small transparent worm. Once in the aquarium, it quickly reproduces by budding, resulting in the plants, soil and glass aquarium covered with fringe. Dangerous to fry and adults of fish: they are killed by firing stinging cells of Hydra. To destroy the hydras should be removed from the tank all the fish, increase the temperature to 30° C, and dissolving in water ammonium nitrate (1 g per 10 liters of water). During treatment should always be light and blow out the aquarium. After 5 days, the Hydra will die (fall off the glass). After their death, wash the aquarium.


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