Aquarium in the basement

37 - year old Jack Hitkok make your own underwater world in the basement of his house. The aquarium is filled with the most exotic species of fish, which can be found in the most remote corners of the planet, for example, the Amazon and the Congo ... Tropical refuge with picture windows located under the living room.

Aquarium really huge, perhaps one of the biggest private aquariums in the world ...
Jack falls plunges him once every two weeks to clean.

"I was intrigued by the aquarium with exotic fish when they first visited the Aquarium Blackpool at the age of 10," says Jack ... Up to this aquarium, in his first home, Jack made an indoor swimming pool and fill it with twelve slopes ... After moving to a new home, he came up with the idea to make an aquarium in the basement.

I am very happy to have your own underwater world, not every home owner can boast of this & quot;


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