In Moscow, opened the first oceanarium

October 28 in Moscow, opened the first oceanarium. Before you promised all announcements of this institution, designer delights, such as the "starry sky" glass floor under which the fish swim, well, everything else ...

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1. I arrived at earlier, when before the opening of the shopping center, where the oceanarium was still closed, and was surprised that the opening of the aquarium it was yesterday, and advertising, that he discovered hang just today ...

2. And so I go ... I was almost the first, but not the first, were still Mothers with children, but as long as they undressed, folded his things, I quickly overtook them to take pictures of the interior of the aquarium without visitors.

3. Please do not quite understand why the head of a mammoth in the aquarium ?, but then when it was a lot of visitors, it became clear - they are visitors having fun on the background of the photographed heads.

4. Continue to move and get into a long semi-circular corridor, on the right side of which is an aquarium.

5. I have already said that the corridor is long, so that the two pictures ......

6. One of the great halls of the aquarium. In this hall, "starry sky" I liked the most. In this room were not only representatives of the underwater world, there were also presented, monkeys, raccoons, lizards ... - to tell them apart.

7. Unusual cylindrical aquarium, you can go round and enjoy the fish swimming there, or where that can not hide

8. Another great hall here, as promised, on the bridge of glass floor, not all of course, but only in some places. Through these windows especially neither of which is not visible lights in these windows, to say the least strange ... through these windows, you can see only the surface of the water ... Children may be it will be interesting, and I'm such a thing seen more year to 99th in the casino ¬ęgolden palace "Only there is a bridge across the tank, 1 meter, 5-2 was completely glass, and well lit, and under it swam goldfish, glass bridge was clear, transparent ... - here on this bridge walk was scary !!!

9. One of the largest aquariums.

10. Another corridor, a small aquarium on the left, on the right, too, aquariums, but not with fish, but with all living creatures, like crocodiles.

11. This large room has been, but now the view from below.

12. And this is the largest aquarium! They live sharks - they, too, then ......

13. This is a place about which is mentioned in the announcements, "the fish swim right over your head."

14. The view from the other side.

15. Relatively large aquarium, but no less interesting. This aquarium live eels, even for greater frighten made around the red light.

16. The view from the other hand, the largest aquarium.



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