As Steve Jobs managed to drive without license plates

Steve Jobs was one quirk (in addition to all its other quirks). On his silver Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG has never been seen plates. Although we still do not know why, we now know the answer to the question of how.
Obviously, driving without license plates - a violation of the law, and Steve a long time ago had to draw the attention of the police? Not really. As it turns out, Jobs managed to find a gap in the rules of the road in California. According to him, the owner of a new car is obliged to attach a license plate on it for 6 months from the date of purchase. And what do you think? Steve agreed with the leasing company and every six months changed its Mercedes new, exactly the same! This full seriousness said the former security officer John Callas Apple.

We can only envy said of the leasing company, the benefit she had a long-term contract for the supply of luxury cars. But Steve seems to put it in some kind of special meaning. Why else would spend a tidy sum of twice a year?



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