Soap nuts help maintain the health of the skin

Soap nuts (Sapindus Mukorossi) grows in India, Nepal, Pakistan and other countries with a similar climate. Today the soap tree is not a very common plant. In many countries, with a suitable, according to biologists, climate is that the nuts are not grown, but this may change in the near future. Now more people know about a simple and healthy replacement of household chemicals, soap nuts are increasingly in demand. So maybe soon they will grow in many countries, which will significantly reduce the cost of transportation. Environmental wash. Wash the soap nuts are great, perfectly removes grease and dirt, soften things, without causing allergies-even in very sensitive individuals. Because nuts is not chemistry! Nature has created these unique little berries (which we used to dignify with nuts), and they grow, unpretentious, to the delight of the people! Very easy to use. Soap nuts have a powerful cleaning force. This is due to the saponin, which is rich in the shells of the soap nuts.
The interesting saponins chemical composition: the part of the molecule dissolves in water, other in fat. Due to this, the dirt is literally pulled out from fabrics and other surfaces. However, here it should be noted that the old stains hard to cope is not very good. The fact is that a stain after drying is already part of the fabric, even the most modern chemical detergents with many spots not cope, there are stain removers and other funds on hand should not hit to avoid corrosion of the skin. And soap nuts are very soft, cleaned from contaminants, at the same time, soften and retain the fabric intact. Colors do not fade, things go bad, not zastitijada.
There is a perception that now, when the terms of the germs and bacteria you must wash your hands with soap and water to wash chemicals to disinfect things. However, it is far-fetched. Washing with soap nuts, washing hands with liquid soap made from soap nut, my hair with a solution of nuts, and the dishes in the dishwasher with the same nuts, in Your home of bacteria will not be greater than with the use of chemicals, but You will feel the difference, literally, your skin!

Our skin is like a sponge, absorbing everything around her. Thus, when washing the skin is fed with powder, in consequence of which there are different reactions. For example, redness, peeling, just pogrubienie skin. In addition, many surface substances from detergents (called surfactants s) not vypolaskivat even after repeated thorough rinsing, remain on things and when wearing irritate the skin, which absorbs it, breathes in these substances. In humans, this increased sweating, may appear redness or rash. When washing dishes by chemical means huge amount of toxic substances and is not washed off from the surfaces of the plates, all the person eats, damaging internal organs.
The most common disease now is allergies. Until recently there was no such thing as an Allergy, i.e., a protective reaction of the organism to non-portable products are actually poisons. Now when everyone is inundated with the chemical industry, allergic to almost each person at one time or another. To avoid negative reactions at least in life you can use natural remedies, depends on Your health. Application in everyday life chemistry greatly reduces the immune system, because instead of the normal functioning of the body is forced to deal with the removal of toxins. It spent a huge amount of energy that weakens the protective properties of the organism, making it more vulnerable to infections and viruses. In the end, the destruction of microbial chemistry leads to higher morbidity from these same germs. This is a paradox.

Using the nuts You can:

to wash the dishes;
bathe and wash hair;
to treat a variety of skin diseases (herpes, fungus, rash);
to make liquid soap and apply, if necessary, replacing the usual.

All this will make her very happy, the results will surprise you in a week. Your skin will not be irritated, and washed items will smell fresh and clean. And no smell of powder! Wash several times nuts to chemistry to go back almost impossible.

Benefits of nuts:

hypoallergenic means;
completely decomposes in the environment;
disinfects at the same time softens and removes various inflammatory processes;
things after washing are soft, need no extra tools;
hair is shinier, dandruff disappears;
act as a repellent, driving away mosquitoes and midges;
easy to use, wide range of applications;
clean surface clean to Shine precious metals to perfectly clean the glass;
in wounds, scratches, well-treated wounds, obezzarajivatei them. источник

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