Crying Men (21 photos)

Renowned photographer British photographer Sam Taylor-Wood (Sam Taylor-Wood) is known for his conceptual photo project, but among her works there are photos of celebrities. We offer you her photo series "Crying Men": Hollywood stars, smash as many women's hearts are filled with tears in front of the camera lens.
A few words of the Sam Taylor-Wood (Sam Taylor-Wood) on the project: "Some men began to cry even before I had time to turn on the camera, and for others it caused real hardship. People themselves can decide for themselves where the real tears, and where fake. This is the idea to take these big, muscular men and show them the opposite direction. ยป

See for yourself how these talented actors.

Jude Law

Sean Penn

Laurence Fishburne

Benicio del Torro

Willem Dafoe

Daniel Craig

Dustin Hoffmann

Ed Harris

Forest Whitaker

Gabriel Byrne

Hayden Christiansen

Kris Kristofferson

Michael Madsen

Paul Newman

Robin Williams

Tim Roth

Ryan Gosling

Sam Shepard

Steve Buscemi

Ben Stiller

Woody Harrelson


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