As women make a living Zanzibar

Photographer Joanna Lipper went to Zanzibar in the summer of 2009 to take a picture of women of different religious, ethnic and economic background, both in the city and in the countryside. She visited Jambiani - a village on the east coast of Unguja, where women earn their living by collecting seaweed. Seaweed in Zanzibar collected since the 1980s. There is no necessary infrastructure and technical equipment to process algae and obtain valuable extracts from them. Therefore, all the raw materials trafficked abroad. Without microfinance loans, improving education and community organizing among workers, gathering seaweed, which is an important source of income for women in general may disappear from Zanzibar.

I wanted to capture the alienation of people involved in algae that sometimes seem dwarfed by the sea and the horizon. (Joanna Lipper)

There is something sublime in the way some women look at the horizon through the sprawling ocean and beach seem so far away, so detached and devoid of technology and agriculture of modern life. (Joanna Lipper)

There is something sacred about these people and their closeness to nature. (Joanna Lipper)


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