The strict regime colony Tver region

10th colony of strict regime of Tver region. Area surrounded by several lines of fences and high fence. Frosted "Concertina wire" gleams in the winter sun, like a necklace of silver.

In Russia one thousand people - seven are convicted.

Prisoner ("snakes") - a man deprived of his liberty by a court and is serving a sentence in an institution - the colony, remand center or prison. Recidivist offender after conviction for previously committed a criminal act. Recidivist because of their great danger to society are more strict criminal liability.

By law, all prisoners, except juveniles are obliged to work. Standard working time, as well as the safety of prisoners is the same as that of ordinary workers.

The colony has its own production of bearings, office chairs, caps for plastic bottles and so much more in detail.

The IR-10 contains convicted a second and more convictions - recidivists (persons who have committed the offense after conviction for previously committed a criminal offense). In the photo - the process of welding the chair.

The average age of offenders is more than 30 years, and those with five or more convictions - 40 years, three quarters of all offenders for the first time the crime was committed under the age of 25 years. Therefore, the reduction of recidivism is critically dependent on the success of the fight against crime among young people.

The level of education of most offenders is lower than that of other categories of offenders, and significantly lower than the average level of education of the entire population.

A significant part of recidivists - a person not having not only the family but also a permanent residence. Prisoners who do not have permanent residence in the three - four times more than in the corresponding category convicted for the first time.

Convict named Bahodyr from Bezhetsk. Convicted under Article 111, paragraph 4 (grievous bodily), served 6 of 9 years assigned. This is his second Walker. In the wild, his wife and seven-year waiting for my daughter. In the colony Bahodyr worked as a welder and collects boxes for cable installation for residential buildings.

Hands working.

In the intellectual sphere for repeat offenders are typical lag general educational and cultural level, the limited socio-political knowledge, narrow views and interests, a small amount of experience in the field of socially useful activity. Some observed substitution of genuine knowledge psevdoinformatsiey coming from local sources of anti-social environment.

In these persons had some friendly patient indulgence to people they will likely never see. They obediently agreed to be photographed, talked about themselves, but it is as if some parading abundantly with journalists superiors.

From working on the end portion of 30% - 50% and the killer - thieves.

Many criminals, especially selfish, criminal behavior is considered as the main source of his material existence. Hence - the partial or total shutdown of such persons from the sphere of socially useful work.

According to the head of the Centre of labor adaptation of IR-10 lieutenant colonel of internal service Dmitry Geyer, a specialty workers convicted mainly acquire directly in the workplace.

Ball bearings.

Teacher, teaching for inmates of the colony.

And this - the director of the school.

To be especially dangerous recidivists are not applicable parole and replacement of a more lenient punishment. This convict was appointed term in '23.

There was time for lunch. Spreads over an area of ​​a woman's voice from the loudspeaker: "Petty Officer construct 13th squad!»

In the dining room - and pickle Pshenko. And its baking bread and garlic.



Time, which released its guests "tens", plus the efforts of the administration of the colony are pushing people to change for the better.

Goodbye to our delegation sang lead singer of the local band "10 quarter".

Officers Convicted Alexander created a series of portraits of sixteen Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church. Channel "Tver prospectus" made this film, which came to the court on the same church competition. As a result, the convicted officers won the Grand Prix award "is not a number, and humility" and Primate of the Church is decorated with portraits of one of the capital's temples.

Security officer.


Little fragments of the cooler.

There is a sad situation. In my opinion, for the 15 day period you can go crazy.

Day and night are changing more quickly than at the equator.


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