Pee seven years of strict regime

32-year-old Ruslan Vahapov relieve themselves in the wrong place, and the time received for sexual abuse of minors

Remember the case of Vladimir Makarov (link youtube, link YaP), accused of raping his own daughter? A case of Anton Boychenko, sentenced to 14 years in prison on charges of girl who knew that her neighbor was raped, but who did not know any of the criminal will, but it is very well versed in the "suspicious persons" (link YaP)? Now, the latest victim of a witch-hunt may be another person:

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In the Yaroslavl Regional Court begins hearing the case that human rights is considered one of the most absurd in criminal law recently. 32-year-old Ruslan Vahapova of the Yaroslavl region, sentenced to seven years in a strict regime for the fact that aid in the wrong place, called the victim of a campaign against pedophilia. According to the prosecution, Vahapov not just relieve themselves and committed sexual abuse of minors (Art. 3 of Art. 135 of the Criminal Code). And he did it twice - in July of 2011 in the village of Red Weavers in September of the same year in the village Kuznechikha.

The first charge collapsed in the trial court, where charges against the result declared inadmissible evidence and falsified, of the investigator dismissed. The second episode was qualified as an administrative offense for which Vahapovu announced a warning or even fined. But after the case worked with investigators TFR administrativka suddenly became a felony. Vahapov himself and his defense say that Ruslan was "profligate" because he refused to pay a bribe of 200 thousand. Rubles, reported the extortion to its own security service.

Ruslan Vahapov driver Yaroslavl environmental company, was driving past the village Kuznechikha. It was two in the afternoon, around full of people and a single toilet.

- Tolerate no longer had the strength, I stopped, went into the bushes - I look like anyone - says Ruslan himself. - Suddenly, behind him was laughter, turned - three girls standing behind. I immediately buttoned his pants and went to the pond. Finished, I turn around - and at me a man with his fist rushing.

Vahapov explained that he could not stand it any longer and he offered to call the police. The dress arrived with members of the IPA, the protocol on administrative offense made on the spot, the girls interviewed. Two of them said that they had seen "the priest uncle," added a third, that it seems he wrote. Ruslan go home.

However, two weeks later he was summoned to a lawyer in the SU IC in Yaroslavl region.

- At first we could not believe in the seriousness of the initiation of the case: no joke, Ruslana, who most children accused of committing sexual abuse against minors, - says Julia, wife Vahapova. - But the lawyer, speaking with the investigator, said that "things are bad" and urgently needs to seek to 200 thousand. Rubles and write a confession - they say, then there will be a suspended sentence.

At the same time to give a bribe and confess a felony Vahapovym seemed too. They reported on the proposals received in the RSD, asking to inspect. Stalhovicha colonel, who insisted on the "confession" was removed from the case and transferred to Pereslavl-Zaleski, the case was discontinued.

- We immediately hinted that the complaint will not forgive, - says Ruslan's mother Nadezhda. - And soon, indeed the case was opened again, but against an unidentified person, and all the data concerning an administrative offense, together with the testimony of the girls there had disappeared.

Three months later found a witness in the village of Red Weavers who allegedly in July saw the car Vahapova even remember her number. We found and mother whose 11-year-old daughter allegedly remembered uncle, who showed her his genitals. For identification, however, the girl "learned" quite another uncle, a statistician, a guest for the experiment. Then - on the alleged confrontation - the girl said simply frightened Ruslan, and therefore showed an entirely different "uncle." Already at the trial it became clear that the confrontation was not at all.

- Investigator, my good friend, asked him to sign the documents - says "identified uncle" -statist Igor Morozov. - I signed.

The confrontation took place on Sunday, when most Morozov Yaroslavl was not. They also found that girls and a survey was carried out without a teacher (by law it is forbidden). However, the signature of the teacher - the director of studies on educational work of the school № 70 Natalia Presnukhin - in the case materials also come from somewhere.

- Signature similar to mine, but it is tampered with, no interviews with my participation was conducted, I see a girl for the first time - said Presnuhina in court.

Andrew Aristarkhov allegedly identified Vahapova machine and having seen it from the balcony, he said during questioning that he had seen a car roof, and then saw a "similar", passing on the highway at high speed, in which sat a man with blue eyes; He memorized the number and the machine. The court also Aristarkhov their testimony rejected. Asked by the judge why he signed it, Aristarchus said that "the investigator said that since he needed to court».

- In criminal cases are often rigged, but the case of Ruslan Vahapova by the number of flagrant violations of a unique, - says Oleg Novikov of the Fund "Public Verdict", which is engaged in a struggle with a police lawlessness. - Usually, the investigator shall refrain from counterfeiting, because in case of it be brought to criminal responsibility.

In fact Vahapova, say human rights activists, falsification is unusually rough nature.

- Willingness of the investigator, the investigator a UK jurisdiction in which includes the most serious offenses, falsifying evidence in a criminal case in itself is dangerous - says the fund "Public Verdict". - But then, apparently, the guy got a campaign against pedophilia and investigators have not hesitated in the "composition" of supporting documents.

As a result, the court found the evidence in the criminal case of fraudulent, indicating in particular the decision that "such violations of the law are unacceptable and undermine the authority of law enforcement agencies - the Investigative Committee».

How do I find "Izvestia", the investigator Popov, from whose light hand appeared fake documents already fired.

On the first episode Ruslan Vahapov was justified with the right to rehabilitation. On the second - in which the two girls saw "the priest uncle," and the third, "it seems, wrote" - he was sentenced to seven years strict regime.

PhD Vladimir Poryvaev of the Yaroslavl Regional Forensic Center, who conducted an independent study of indications girls said that during their interviews or audio or video recording is not conducted. With each new interrogation testimony girls made all the details have not yet become as a blueprint.

- Some complex sentences, all three girls - 8, 11 and 13 years - the same word for word and completely repeat what they said six months earlier - said Poryvaev. We need additional expertise, expert doubts.

- Yes, my son peed in the wrong place, and it is recognized as an administrative offense - said the mother of Ruslan Vahapova Hope. - But after a minor "changes" by law enforcement officials to extort bribes from us, he suddenly became a pervert and a child molester. In general, I peed on seven years of strict regime.

With the sentencing of Vahapovu not agree, neither party. Prosecutor demands to cancel the verdict of acquittal on the first episode, the protection - send the case for a new investigation in connection with the massive fraud evidence.

// Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Personally, this man does not know, but my friends know. After reading the article my reaction, "can not be!" But, alas, can. Even the dismissal of the investigator, rigged "evidence" is not a reason for requalification charges.

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