Former boxer rigidly held recidivist

Minsker Yuri Glebko awarded for having caught the criminal, who had previously beaten and robbed a woman in the Gomel area beyond the river park. The man caught up, knocked down and does not let go until the arrival of recidivist attire. The police department just now told about the details of the arrest, which took place in August last year.

Early in the morning someone had attacked a woman - just punched. She fell face down. From handbags dropped wallet, phone, keys. The woman's face was covered with blood.

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A member company of the Minsk Yuri Glebko often in Gomel for. That morning, walked in silence. He heard a faint cry, ran toward the sound. When I saw a man with his fist looming over a woman lying literally dared him. He took to their heels. After making sure that the victim is still alive, Glebko chased the culprit.

He rushed headlong through the bushes. The pursuer, once engaged in boxing, you know, that might be a knife robber. So caught up to within a few hundred meters, without further ado. After the impact of runaway still some distance overcome tumbling.

Already he is sitting under the supervision of George and asked to let go. I do not persuaded. Subsequently Glebko wondered how the police after his call could so quickly find them in the overgrown bushes and trees beyond the river area.

In the course of a criminal investigation into the robbery revealed that the detainee has seven previous convictions. For the first time sat down for fraud, then there were drugs, robbery, evading serving punishment, theft, robbery, along with another sexual assault. In the past, he was sentenced to 6 years of strict regime. But he amnestied and released early. Even a half years under the supervision of police officers spent quite "decent". But then nature took its toll.

This time the robber was sentenced to 8 and 5 years of imprisonment in a penal colony.

Head of Internal Affairs Valery Polischuk Yuri Glebko handed a letter of thanks and monetary reward.




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