Thinner athletes

We have all heard horror stories about how much the athletes lose their shape after the departure of a large sporta.No there are many examples of reverse when major competitors bring yourself in amazing shape. In the photos below you will see famous people who lost weight after retiring from the sport and acting that after weight loss were able to continue his career. Alan Faneka-hitter of the Pittsburgh Steelers

He once lost 100 pounds

Ronaldo, the former main striker of the Brazilian team

He once lost 37 pounds

Kendrick Perkins-center of the Oklahoma City Thunder

Once I dropped 32 pounds

Dzhamarkus Russell, former quarterback of the Oakland Raiders

He once threw 51 pound

Phil Taylor champion in a game of darts

Once I dropped more than 35 pounds

CC Sabatiya- feed Yankees, in 2009

After 45 pounds

Josh Freeman, the quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Josh Freeman after he lost 20 pounds to the 2012 season

Nate Newton former striker Dallas Cowboys

After 180 pounds thinner

White Dendeyl former fullback of the Tennessee Titans

Once I lost 30 pounds. According to him, this was partly due to the fact that he stopped drinking tequila

Ricky Hatton boxer

He's the day before the fight two years later

Pablo Sandoval-baseman, San Francisco Giants

Once I lost 38 pounds

Footballer Anthony Davis, a former NFL

Once I dropped 202 pounds during the show on NBC «lost most of all" (for people who are overweight, who are trying to lose weight for a cash prize)

David Ortiz, a batter in the Boston Red Sox

Once lost 25 pounds

Rex Ryan, coach of New York Jets

Rex Ryan after gastric banding

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