Boxer Olympic team of the Russian Federation that is not shared with the 22-year-old boy (5 photo + text)

This morning, July 28 at about 10:00 am in the central square of Vladivostok at the bus stop there was an unpleasant incident involving a member of the Olympic team of Russia on boxing.
One of the boxers in the morning in the square there was a conflict with a resident of Vladivostok. Local resident instructed to Olympian gun "Wasp", he began to threaten him, and then shot in the athlete, but missed.
At this point the boxer knocked out "Wasp" from the hands of his opponent, grabbed a gun and shot his assailant in the head.
As a result of the incident the victim unconscious was hospitalized the doctors of "first", and with the boxer police conduct proceedings.

Arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm as a result of two shots from the "Wasp" in the 22-year-old male 29-year-old member of the Olympic team of the Russian Federation heavyweight Roman Romanchuk confessed to the crime.
The conflict between the 22-year-old S. Olegoim and famous Russian boxer occurred today in Vladivostok at the bus stop near the central square of Vladivostok. Boxer was returning from a party at a nearby café.

As the representative of the city police department, the conflict between the athlete and one of the cafe visitors occurred on Monday around 8:30 am local time (1.30 MSK). According to the source, a resident of Vladivostok took a traumatic gun "Wasp" and threatened reprisals opponent. To be more convincing, he fired a shot into the air.
 - The athlete took a gun and shot the man in the head. The charge was in the eye. The victim was hospitalized in serious condition, - said the representative of the police department.
The wounded young man is still in the hospital, where doctors make it operation. According to doctors, the condition is serious guy.

At the moment the master of sports of Russia on boxing, multiple winner of national championships and the World Roman Romanchuk testifying in gordskoy pokurature.
Athletes arrived in Vladivostok week ago at his last pre-Olympic gathering.

Roman Romanchuk:


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