The best boxers of the world

Athletes - special people. They are famous and loved for their achievements really, not for the beautiful attractive face, as many actors and musicians. Wins the competition is fair - you praise, won a defeat - prepare to blows, but how else know that desire to win will be rewarded.

German photographer Holger Keyfel closely monitors virtually all sporting events, but the prettiest thing he sport called boxing. Holger since 1993 lives and works in New York, working with some of the most famous in the west magazines «The New York Times Magazine», «Der Spiegel», «ZeitWissen», «The Observer Sport Monthly», «Black + White Magazine "and« American Photography », and so he was able to" lure "in his studio the best and most renowned boxers planet. Naturally, all he could not capture, but most of mastodons boxing still appeared on his photos. I present to you an excellent series of black-and-white portraits of the best boxers of the world according to Holger Keyfelya.

Mike Tyson

Perhaps the most famous boxer in the world, which is the absolute world champion in the heavy weight category under versions WBC (1986-1990, 1996), WBA (1987-1990, 1996) and IBF (1987-1990). His fights were always interesting, vivid and fascinating spectacle, but now "Iron Mike", as it is called in the private press, no longer appears in the ring. He was already 45, and it is quite clear that he was not in such good shape as before, although he had no reason to box - it already knows, love and respect everyone, including many colleagues.

Evander Holyfield

Tyson was in life and not the most pleasant moments. For example, after the disqualification of ear bitten off Evander Holyfield, when many took up arms against unsportsmanlike behavior Mike and sided with Holyfield. Shortly after the incident said Holyfield, Tyson than was motivated to create such a situation:

"It happened because Tyson wanted to quickly finish the fight, but he was afraid to lose by knockout - and therefore bite»
The media has been very interesting to watch developments and there were many rumors that actually untrue ...

"A week later we met in New York at a basketball game in the elevator. Mike asked me: Hey, are you all right? Thus, he apologized. Everyone thought that we put up a fight in the elevator. But why? That battle I earned $ 35 million, Mike - 25 million. All nine minutes! Why should we fight just so? »

Arthur Abraham

Armenian professional boxer, holder of the title of world champion on the version of the ICF Middleweight Champion (2005-2009). Now the 32-year-old boxer, whose real name Avedis G. Abrahamian, continues his career.

Oscar De La Hoya

"Golden Boy", to finish his career on a sad note (lost in battle), and does not give up looking for new ways of development. Oscar 39 years.

Jake LaMotta

The legend of boxing. "The Bull from the Bronx" or "Raging Bull," as he dubbed in the press of the will to win and the restless disposition, in their 90 keeps hearty and everything so? Of course, sports. By the way, Jake's memoirs, which he wrote after the completion of a professional career, entered into a film by Martin Scorsese "Raging Bull", where the main role went to Robert De Niro.

Jeremy Williams

Shane Mosley

40-year-old boxer nicknamed "Saharok" has not yet announced his retirement, but it's going to, because the last battles were given Shane easy.

Nikolai Valuev

38-year-old former boxer nicknamed "Rock Head", and now the State Duma of the Russian Federation gained fame not only to win, but BOGATYRSKY parameters: growth of 213 centimeters and weighing about 150 pounds.

Ray Mancini

A former boxer and now a successful film producer, owner of brands of cigars El Campeon and small shops.

Joe Frazier

Luis Perez

Larry Holmes

Vitali Klitschko

"Dr. Iron Fist" and that says it all.

Wladimir Klitschko

Vitali's younger brother, nicknamed "Dr. Steel Hammer". Together, the brothers are known as the best Ukrainian boxers.

Bernard Hopkins

Lennox Lewis

James Toney

Don King


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