Save lives

Doctors, doctors, nurses and nurse, people in white coats and pile up the Hippocratic Oath. ... Saves lives be saved? You think so? I think of the medics are almost always good.
I want to tell you about something that happened when I was in the famous medical school of Tver. And please note that all underwritten only one of many episodes, so if you like to continue this series.
Valorous medical students where they have practice? Yes, there, where they sent in a hospital, clinic, hospital and maternity clinic as well. I personally visited the practice in all the institutions and will start with ... ::: antenatal clinic.
Frankly, I was embarrassed to go there, but, emboldened went.
Just made a mistake as a conscientious student, I came to the antenatal clinic at 8am. (For all the strict rules of practice we started at this time) A women's consultation is open from 9 am. My girls (odnogrupnitsa) knew about 9 hours and at the time, and they came, but it was later.
So yours truly at 8 am pulling it closed the main entrance door, walked around the building and through the backyard which entered into a terrible institution. Empty of people there. Finally, he met me in the hallway granny cleaner with very surprised eyes.
I tell her good morning, say, a grandmother, and where you are located here students what she said to me in a severe tone that is women's consultation. I replied that he know it but I want to know where the office which houses students passing practice. After that.
 - Oh, practice!
You have seen in the movies as a subtle gesture, pulls out a samurai sword and cuts the enemy to pieces. Did you see? Perfectly. So imagine that this granny with some samurai aspirated grabs their buckets doormat and lunges toward me with a chopping motion of the hand, which actually is this rag. And I hear her cry:
 - Pervert, and I'll rip your balls!
(Steep start, right?) Honestly I could expect anything, but not this. I stepped back a little back, his eyes searching for the way to escape. Granny saw that cut, I could not, turns and grabs a mop. My nerves can not stand (Well, not to fight with the grandmother, in fact), I start easy and very brave escape. And I did it.
I started out on the street caught his breath, and up to 9 hours proslonyalsya near the "wrong house." By 9 o'clock came the girls (odnogrupnitsa) and heard the cause of my stay beyond the aforementioned institutions laughed, bellow, rolling, sliding in full. After this fun one said about the need to change the "diaper" "because it is already full».
And yet I got to class to the antenatal clinic (under the protection of the doctor who led us this practice) It should be noted that my calling at signified institution "Samurai" babusyachego type of office worker managed to tell half of the consultation on the "perverts" who pretended to be a student and He tried to enter the holy of holies "Forbidden Places a certain direction," the fair sex.
When I went the second time, Granny was on the lookout and saw mnya happily yelled at all the advice - that's it, now do not leave bitch !!!!!! - (I just once again gave tear)
Ran the doctors and nurses (all women, and among them all I'm a guy. Cool?)
But vrachiha our curator of practice loudly announced that I was her student and everything is normal. (There was laughter and a kind of tension eased. And only "Samurai" owns "deadly" art battle doormat stated that a normal guy here practice is not. I thought laughter ceiling would fall. And all the arguments that were expressed granny about it not my specialty as a required course (subject) in the training of doctors, she was cast on his own opinion.
Next, open the samurai attacks to my address was. However, on her mind a desire to "zakolbasilo" I rag or mop in her left.
Conclusion: The muzhik never give in to the request of the female with her to go to the antenatal clinic is a scary place, where they can inhabit terrible and always ready for a fight grandmother.
I hope you liked it, and I have different feelings at these memories.


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