Adequate child

I have a daughter incomplete five years old. I must say that it is very adequate man, I mean that any problems with it, you can
decide persuasion. We decided to pierce her ears. We arrived at the salon. She
calmly and kindly talked to the beautician, he told about himself, about me in general impressed quiet, nice,
friendly creatures whom HEREUNDER is. She promised

We went into the office. I pierced one, she carefully watched
process, ask questions, and showed no signs of excitement.
It was her turn. Treated ears, outlined the points brought the gun-clicking ... and then that it started !!! A herd of crazed buffalo sticks.
Screams, cries, tears, snot.

40 minutes. Forty minutes later, we could not cope with the child and get to
second ear. Not what words, entreaties had no effect. With rare
glimpses of consciousness, she admitted that no, it does not hurt that nothing
It does not hurt, but the latter refused to give an ear at all. We could not have it
twist even by force! Spit on his pedagogical principles, I
I tried to get through to her mind the promise that once here we go to the toy store and I buy the silence to which she directs. It worked exactly those five seconds, during which time she realized that first we must give ear. In the end we succeeded. I tightly hugged podrasteryal forces Rebecca to her beautician with one hand clutched her head, the other held the gun-clicking, a short cry of a wounded rhino ...

In the eyes of a child vozvernulsya mind. Gone are any traces of hysteria instantly from his face. Daughter vtala my lap. Absolutely he asked quietly: "All what?" She went to the door, turned to the beautician and smiling sweetly said ... "Thank you." (Polite, pancake) and left. You can, I think, about to present our face?
Then the words of the administrator.
"Forty minutes from the office came the wild child cries, the cries of the mother and master, fuss, fight sounds, the sound of breaking dishes and breaking furniture-clicking, scream and silence ... I reach for the phone with the thought that the child of Kick come. I see what comes out nice, absolutely calm dovochka, he comes up to me and says, "Well, where is my chocolate?" And out of the office more than some reason no one comes. Here come two. Do mothers rearing hair, smudged makeup and shaking hands. The master on the robe torn and buttons are the same hands. The girl has already got his chocolate, turned and said: "Mom, where are you? Let's go in the shop for a toy, I'm done! "And here was LAUGHTER ...»
And she finished off in my store. We went to the counter, she pointed
(children's unmistakable flair by choosing the most expensive), I nodded seller and counted the money. The seller said that there is a similar, but less expensive. I
She shook her head: "Agreement." Next:
Seller: "And what?»
Me: "Ears pierced»
Sold to her daughter: "That's what good! Is not
scared? »
Daughter: "I - nikapelki. But why my mother's hands were shaking. »
I slid under the counter.


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