How can I go on ?!

I went last four-year daughter of my friends named Masha to be tested for the presence of worms. Analysis of planning, mandatory for all kindergartners. The procedure itself is in this case, as you probably know, is very simple and no injections, and even more bloodletting does not provide. But for the ignorant still basicly to the place where in very advanced cases, the worms crawl to walk, apply a special film on which are printed parasite eggs when available. Malosveduschemu person may seem that the procedure is sticking up anus strip of adhesive tape. For Masha Getting the main thing was that there were no needles today will not, and then after the last vaccination stories about "how mosquito bites," she believes. After receiving assurances that the integrity of its skin will not suffer, Masha in a fairly good spirits with her grandmother went to the clinic. More surprising it was to see the parents of a daughter an hour in tears and close to hysterics. After much consolation revealed the following. After the procedure, which took place fairly quiet, although a surprise to the girls (and what they were doing and why, and why), my grandmother with her granddaughter calmly walked toward the house. And suddenly, apparently from the proven experience, Masha badly wanted in the big one. Walk trot race evolved and now you can see the door of our house, when Masha perehotelos. Shaken up, apparently, that desire and lost. However, for girls it was a real shock. For a long time through her tears, she complained to mum:
 - They messed up my ass !!!
And adds a stamp of universal grief on his face:
 - I'll never be able to take a crap! How can I go on ?!


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