It happened just that. My home phone number: & quot; «77». I called his longtime friend who, like me, call Marina. Her home phone & quot; «7" 7. I'm probably on "autopilot" dialed the number & quot; «77», a man picks up the phone and there is such a dialogue:
 - Hello.
 - Hello.
 - And Marina House?
 - No, she's at work. (My girlfriend is studying in a very serious institution, and I exactly know what it is to work well, can not.)
I start to think that something is wrong here ... and say:
 - This phone & quot; «77»?
 - Yes.
_ This Marina - her friend is calling ... (I think I may have forgotten. The voice of men do not know, though it seems familiar)
 - I understand.
 - Where does it work?
 - And you call & quot; & quot; & quot; & quot; & quot ;.
 - Thank you.
I put the phone. I sit and think a minute, telefonchik that - that familiar ... and then explode with laughter and the fact that "the roof goes slowly" ... It turned out I'm calling to his home and tubes raise my HUSBAND!
As he did not recognize me - I do not know.


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