Live alone

What would you say now is not - and it's cool to live on their own! No one else on the road looking out of the shower, or who do not justify late return - and that's because it !!!

All the arguments about women's insolvency invented philosophy of men, and we answer:

She can sleep across the bed, wrapped in a roll of blankets, podpihnuv a pillow under the stomach, and the second - under the head. When you are not around, we always sleep.

I do not wake up at 4 am from screeching machines, "Formula 1" on the day of the live Australian Grand Prix.

It can make yourself the smallest in the world of trash - and still it will always be half empty. After all, no one to fill it with beer bottles and tons of bones of cattle.

Her cat walking on the tables and the bed with her head held high, and does not live in the wild stress and humiliation under the sofa.

Sitting on a diet, it does not feel pangs of tantalum, opening the refrigerator. The most seductive, she finds there - a pound of seeds germinated pohudatelnye wormwood. And no diversion in the form of sexual abuse of sausages, dumplings and sausages shameless-temptresses.

She regularly engaged in morning exercises, because no one staring at her breasts jumping, red face and old sweat pants.

She can listen to Love Radio - yes! Love Radio, damn it! At full volume without holding ready penitent expression "you are what you are, of course, I also do not take this music seriously.»

Can climb dating sites (just out of curiosity), without worrying that some overly advanced user it this convict.

It is easy to move around the apartment without bumping now and then bulky exhibits in the house-museum of real men - snowboards, drills, wheels, black leather jackets, and those like them - Bulgarian.

Resides in the happy belief that the Bulgarians - a female Bulgarians.

It can be applied before bed to the face and body is the most smelly substance, not caring what the person and the body will be to the taste, if someone will meet their Duty to kiss.

She knows that if the heel dug a scrap of nail, it is his home, immunnosovmestimy scrap.

Taken in the toilet a sample of printed products (taken by chance, we do not read in the toilet) is a pretty women's magazine, or at least infamous women's novel, not a catalog of mobile phones for the year 200_.

She does not call your mom, I do not call your mother, your mother does not call, does not call your mother ...

It can pick up on the street and give the house the men and kittens.

When it causes damage to your computer smart, handsome and shy classmate. She treats him tea, sitting on the table in a short robe, enjoying his ears turning pink.

It ceases to be late, because no one measures the time it was collected with a stopwatch.

Bringing home flowers, worried about how much they stand for, and not how to explain where they all came from.

It washes, not tormented by doubts - is it true that all men are sometimes pee in the sink.

At the word "dinner" thinks about the restaurant, not the supermarket.

For some reason it is not interested in new technology to get rid of snoring.

And do not come up with diplomatic way to introduce these tools into practice.


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