My legs

It happened in the school gody.Kak something the next morning after a very good spree calls me friend, laughs and tells a prikol.Dalee from her face. I came home late, under a good degree, opened the door quietly, crept, like a mouse, so as not to wake roditeley.No bedtime decided to wash the feet. (Living in a private home, the convenience-not so hot).

Gained in a large bowl of warm water and sat down to wash the feet. (Note, all this happened in the dark, so as not to wake up those same parents)
And then suddenly ignited light, and comes to the father:
-Olya, What are you doing?
My strength.
-And Why koglotkah?
Shok.Deystvitelno zhe.No was found with an answer quickly.
 - A dirty stockings, and they wash out better.


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