7 simple tips on how to live according to feng shui.

For a perfect feng shui would be right choice to start at home, starting with the continent, country, region and ending in a particular city and home in this area. But in reality, people are not always able to choose even the city. Most often, it is at best of the selection area. From this and we will proceed.
Rule №1: The rich live in the area for the rich, the poor - in the area for the poor.
Some think that it is better to live in a cheap area, for example, for reasons of economy. But what are the reasons that the district cheap? In terms of Feng Shui is not there a prosperous Qi, no thriving energy, so it's cheap. If people moved there, it will not prosper, is the first rule.

Rule №2: follow the flow.
Feng Shui in Russian - "wind and water". Energy should be primarily for water flow or wind. Accordingly, in a city where there is a river, energy would be better than where there is no river. And those who are located upstream, get more good energy than those at the bottom.

By the way, on the same principle, it is better not to live inside of cabbage - home, located inside the house and even more, and you are inside. In this situation, a good Qi gets only the outer circle.

As flows can act not only river but the road, or even people.

A friend of mine arranged a table in the office so that visitors office - potential customers - entering, first met him. All first applied to him, therefore, he went through more orders, and he received a higher percentage.

Rule №3: The roads are different.
You already know that the road can also be carriers of Qi. But the road is the road - discord. Avoid proximity to the congested streets. It is not good to have at hand and highway straight as an arrow, a T-intersection, overpass.

The correct way is to bend (to go over the hills, or turn smoothly). The movement should be lively, but without the congestion. Correct crossroads - where several small roads merge into one, like several rivers merge into one big bed. Or a roundabout with not too heavy traffic.

Rule №4: Divide and conquer, or Caesar - Caesar.
Different activities require different energies. Life and health are good quiet place, close to the ground - for example, a private house outside the city limits. For work or career is a good place "on the ground" - in the central areas, near transport interchanges, at the highest levels, where more wind.

When you live on the top floor of a skyscraper windswept, often find that you have to shave in the car at a stoplight on the way to a meeting.

But there are people who wind is contraindicated. Learn it can be, calculated maps of their own destiny.

Rule №5: Setting affects.
There is an aphorism: "It is impossible to build the great plans in the tiny place».
This means that if you spend time in a gray, dull area or around your home are gloomy ruins, frozen or building, or cemetery, hospital, morgue, police station, prison, landfill, or just high-power line running through your yard - all this is imprinted in your mind, in your movements and thoughts. And you yourself, and all your actions begin to resemble the area in which you live.

Rule №6: Stand out.
If you have a choice between several similar places, choose has a personality. Individuality may appear in the title, location, and other special features.

Rule №7: Ideal does not exist.
The most ideal place where everything is completely in harmony, where the person is not overwhelmed by the suffering and where there is full stability and peace - this cemetery. Life is so called life, that is - chaos, constant movement, constant change. As already mentioned in the beginning, we all live in the real world.


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