Cleansing the aura of the child's mother.

Mother endured, gave birth to and raised their children. Therefore, it is forever associated with him information - energy ties. Mother sends her child not only DNA egg (unlike his father, who transmits sperm DNA only) but the mother and transmits the genetic material of the cell cytoplasm. This mitochondrial DNA and ribosomes. Thus, the child genetically closer to 25% mother. In other words, the whole block "filling" of each cell presented to the mother to her child.
If a child feels fatigue or apathy, it's not a disease, but his health is not called. After high school, such a child should wash, fill light maternal energy wave. After that, the child is much better and better, and most importantly, it is easier to do homework.
If the child's aura radiates ocean wave spectrum, and the brain emits alpha rhythms, respectively, in this state, the child is able to truly understand a very complex material. Capable or gifted child often determined by the quality of the energy potential. In other words, a rough energy makes it impossible to accept, to know the school very thin material. Unfortunately, this material is very much, and ingenuity develops in children is not enough. Ingenuity - the ability to quickly and easily find a way out of this situation, relying on their knowledge and experience. Example - the program "What, where, when?" It is not often win encyclopedic, and people living mind. People with light energy.
The more information to remember, the less room for understanding. Overloaded memory does not allow the child to develop smart.
How to help your child almost:

1. Mother takes "summer shower", during which she must prodyshatsya. Nose deep breath, pause 5 seconds, and exhale deep frying. Eyes closed, water and deep breathing (pranayama) is purified aura and consciousness. Eyes closed, and she observes how the inner sky, or the background color. It is necessary to achieve a gentle blue or lilac.

2. Then look for a long time, quietly in the eyes of a child, and set it on a calm mood good and familiar words.

3. lick his forehead and slowly blow "breath-wind" purple flow of energy to its parent. In this case, the mother does not include the imagination, but actually "sees" as a stream of pure wave washes the baby's brain, and then the whole body. From top to bottom we scan all the energy body of his child.

4. If the mother inner eye "sees" the place of condensation, shadows, dark spots, it blows, washed with a place to complete purification.

5. As a general rule, the child falls asleep after a session of healing sleep.

6. If the "window" on the forehead of the child "disappears", the mother may re-open it, ie, lick the forehead and temples.

7. If the child temperatures or it has more complex disorders of the brain according to the type of cerebral palsy or autism, such health sessions should be carried out 2-3 times a day. Be sure the child before bedtime.

I would like to say to complete that actually help your child's mother wants and can more than anyone else. Faith and confidence comes with experience. This technique has been tested and really long runs.


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