And what do you believe?

A long time ago, when we Oleg was not yet common machines, home abrikosiny and vacation plans, he brought me flowers. This ugly dohlenkih bouquet at a gas station in a hurry bought.
 - Do you know - I told him, pulling mashed rose, - we, spirituality, there is a belief that the longer the flowers are presented, the stronger will be the relationship.
Poor Oleg came every evening, sniffed and searched the bouquet that was heroic 3 weeks, then he dragged me constantly filling with flowers and they all bloomed long, luxurious and a bit boastful.
Then we went on vacation, I got pregnant, had a daughter, we bought the house, moved in, and he revealed to me a terrible secret that here after the very persistent colors he realized - that this is a sign of destiny, and nothing will get in the way, neither age nor children, nor the different interests, nor my bad character, and all we can do it.
And I, in turn, admitted that every day I was wilting roses fresh. Went to a gas station and buy more.

We, spirituality, there is a belief - what you believe, then up and running.


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