Thank you in your pocket

One day we went to visit distant relatives. Distant relatives was one of those men who accompany any phrase meaningful smile and talk with the children as if they face a very silly adults.
At the table, my brother reached for the sugar, and distant relatives pushed the sugar bowl. "Thank you," - said politely Bear. He was four years old, and he just mastered the great power of gratitude.
"Thank you for the bread you will not smear, - said gravely distant relatives - and in your pocket will not put."
Bear kept his head and blinked. A distant relative pointedly smiled and continued to drink tea.
In principle, I can easily imagine what happens in the mind of my four brothers. This is particularly became clear after the fact, when a distant relative got ready to leave, and found in his coat pocket a pack of melted butter.
Dad laughed so hard that the relative offended. And more, it seems, do not come here. And then my mother said with a sigh that could be limited and a quarter of the pack. Maximum - a half.


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