Clothes that show how much a woman does not love herself

It is very important to revise your wardrobe from time to time. Not only in order to remove winter things away and get spring ones, but to get rid of unnecessary things. After all, unnecessary clothes that you do not wear only take up space and complicate the choice of outfit. In this article we will tell you what things don't belong in your closet.

Unnecessary Clothes There are things that a self-respecting woman will never keep in a closet. If you have not revised your wardrobe for a long time, a lot of unnecessary things could have accumulated in it, which is long overdue to write off. Only by getting rid of the old do we make room for the new.

Here is a small list of things that a lady who loves herself will not keep in the closet.

  1. Shabby clothes. Of course, some things become loved and therefore worn often. But in this case, they quickly become covered and lose their presentation. Especially if the quality is so-so. A puffed sweater, trousers stretched over the knees, or gray underwear that was once white are candidates for cheating.
  2. Things are out of size. Storing things in the hope of losing weight will only lead to neurosis. Even if you manage to become slimmer, the dress or jeans by that time may be hopelessly outdated, sit on a new figure in a completely different way, or simply dislike it.

  3. Clothes of the wrong color or style. If you understand that a bright crimson top does not suit you at all, stop giving it second chances. And generally buy things that don't suit you. It's the same with the cut: if you are petite, and trousers of a certain cut cut your height, why keep them in your closet? In the hope that one day you will grow 15 cm?
  4. Defective clothing. Even a small speck or microscopic hole will create psychological discomfort. And the flaw is sure to be noticed by someone. If the defect cannot be completely eliminated, it is better to refuse such a thing.

  5. Inconvenient things. A skirt that constantly pulls up, or trousers that prevent you from sitting normally are not your friends. When clothes cause discomfort, all our thoughts and attention are directed only to this problem. A self-respecting woman will not tolerate this. Clothes should not only be beautiful, but also comfortable.
  6. Things that have bad memories. If in your closet still hangs the dress that you were in that evening when your ex left you, and it causes you negative emotions, there is only one way out: out of sight.

  7. Things that are too cheap or too expensive. A decent lady will not eat one porridge for a month and go on foot, only to buy a handbag that she cannot afford. Well, with cheap things, everything is clear: the extremely low price often hides low quality.
  8. Clothes are not for their age. Confident women assess their age adequately and choose their clothes accordingly. Wondering if you should wear that Mickey Mouse T-shirt?

Clothing care Of course, old things sometimes have to be worn not because of a good life. And not everyone has the means to constantly update their wardrobe. Well, in this case, there is a simple rule: it is better to let there be fewer things, but their condition and quality will be worthy . It's always best to buy a sweater that will last a hundred washes instead of five cheap ones that will soon turn into rags.

A very important role is played by how you take care of your clothes : whether you wash, iron or dry them correctly. Durability and appearance directly depend on this. By the way, we have already written about how to properly care for things and deal with defects.

Well, what to do with things that you definitely won't wear anymore? Send it to the trash can? Not at all!

Fortunately, in our time, unnecessary clothes should not be sent to the trash. Firstly, it is not at all environmentally friendly, and secondly, it is a pity to throw good things away. Nowadays, many stores accept used clothing for recycling. There are also points where material assistance is collected for those in need. Things in good condition will definitely come in handy for someone.

In addition, I would like to say that a decent woman is not only a neat appearance. It is also about upbringing, manners, intelligence and self-esteem. Respect and love yourself , dear ladies, and then the whole world will love you.


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