The tragedy of a woman who did everything for her husband, but he changed and left

Usually, ex-spouses experience time after divorce in different ways. Especially if it was caused by someone's betrayal. While the husband is successfully establishing a new life, the wife torments herself with guesses what she did wrong.

This time, the editors have prepared for you a story from the life of a woman. Finding herself in a difficult situation, she tries to figure out her past. But is there any point in dwelling on something that cannot be fixed? We hope you can give practical advice to the heroine of today's story.

Time after Divorce “My first and only marriage lasted a little over 20 years. Throughout this time, I was sure that I have an ideal family. I did everything for my husband, literally dissolved in him and the children.

I will not dissemble, it always seemed to me that I was a good wife. I felt harmonious in the role of the keeper of the hearth. The house was warm and cozy, it smelled of freshly prepared food. Yes, and my husband lived in perfect harmony. He often praised me, said that he was very lucky with me.

But at some point, everything began to crumble. Children left their parental nest early enough, became independent. And my husband began to treat me very coldly. I often felt that we were like strangers, just living under the same roof. At first I thought it was okay, it will pass over time. Something like a family crisis that everyone experiences sooner or later.

However, I was very wrong. One day my husband came home from work quite gloomy. He said that we need to talk seriously. This had never happened before, so I was very scared. The husband did not pull the cat by the tail and blurted out: "I want to get a divorce, forgive me."

Problem At one point, my entire ghostly ideal world collapsed. I didn't know what to do. At the same time I wanted to scream and cry. But somehow I restrained myself. Some incomprehensible feeling of emptiness swallowed me up and squeezed my chest. Why is this happening to me?

It turned out that my husband was cheating on me. Moreover, this has been happening for a very long time and right under my nose. Her name is Maria and she worked in the same company with her husband. Moreover, I even know her personally! We somehow got into a conversation with her at one of the corporate events, where I was also invited. The woman is very pretty, looks younger than her years and has never been married.

I remembered how she told me that the most important thing for her is her career. God! How did it happen that my beloved husband fell for this? Can she really give him the same love and care as I do? Will prepare him breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, wash his clothes?

When I found out about everything, I began to analyze my past. I tried to understand where I made a mistake, what I did wrong. Honestly, I want to fix everything. I believe that my husband will come to his senses and return to me.

But so far I was left alone without support. Even my 20-year-old son tells me to stop suffering. Like, let the father arrange his personal life. And he advised me to do the same. It turns out that nobody needs me anymore? "

From the Editor If the spouses are not working on the relationship, discord in the family is inevitable. It all starts with a banal misunderstanding, a lack of contact between husband and wife. The later the realization of the problem comes, the more difficult it will be to solve it.

Someone is helped by a sincere conversation. And someone resorts to the services of a family psychologist. When it comes to cheating, things are much more serious. Will the husband want to return to his wife and will she be able to forgive him in the end? Time will put everything in its place.

What advice would you give to the heroine of today's story? Be sure to share your opinion in the comments. We are waiting for you below!


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