Cheese cake in the pan.

1 egg
200 grams of cottage cheese
1 tbsp. sugar
250-300 g of flour
1 hr. L slaked soda
500 ml of milk
1 egg
1 tbsp. sugar
3 tbsp. l flour
150-200 g oil drain

Rub the egg with sugar and flour, add the vanilla, pour the milk. Whisk to mix, put on low heat, cook until thick, constantly interfering. Completely cool. Butter beat with a mixer, gradually adding chilled brew mass.

Mix egg with sugar, add cottage cheese, vanilla, baking soda and flour gradually introduce. The dough should have not quite cool, but dense.
Divided into 6-8 parts. Thinly roll out, prick with a fork, so that part is not swelled.

Oven until browning on both sides of the pan. Trim the rough edges. Cool.
Grease the cake layers with cream, sprinkle with nuts and chocolate.


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