The secrets of making the perfect pizza: from fundamentals to component selection and cheese

Few can resist the fragrant pizza. The Italian dish — the most popular all over the world. It is ideal for dinner with friends, a corporate party at the office, stop watching new films. To enjoy the aroma and flavour combinations of meat or fish components, different types of cheeses and sauces, you can visit restaurants, order a pizza in Moscow with delivery or cook yourself. And we will open the secrets of creating a perfect masterpiece that will decorate your table and will surprise the audience for him.
Preparation of the dough for the pizza: basic rules
The Foundation is one of the main components. From the test depends on the appearance and taste of the whole dish. Today there are many different recipes of cooking, but versatile and most popular option is a yeast. It is based on these products:
  • water (0.5 l);
  • flour (900 g);
  • vegetable oil (10 g);
  • salt (20 g);
  • yeast (10 g).
That Foundation turned out soft and delicious, it is recommended to cook in a good mood in the cozy atmosphere. They say that the dough does not tolerate stress. And a positive attitude will help in creating a culinary masterpiece.
The flour for the dough must sift through. So the basis will air. For mixing, use only fresh yeast. Otherwise, they "don't work" or you will create a product with an unpleasant beer odor. Another important secret — cold water. It slows down the fermentation process, providing elasticity, softness and lightness.
For the elasticity in dough and added vegetable oil. If possible, replace it with olive oil. It will give a specific taste. Flour when kneading is added gradually. Its entire volume is recommended to be divided into two parts and gradually pour in the ground, making it soft and supple. The dough is made until, until no longer sticks to hands. When stretching, it should not be torn or shrink back.
Unroll the basis of hands. This will keep tenderness and lightness of texture. The edges of the bases make a little thicker so when cooking the stuffing doesn't fall out.
Before the baking form and the dough is greased with olive oil. The oven recommended heat. Baking time depends on the thickness of the base. On average, about 10 minutes.

A little bit about the gravy and the stuffing
For a standard pizza takes about 3 tablespoons of sauce. The classic option is a tomato vinaigrette, which gives the basis of the richness and suited to different types of toppings. For a more spicy taste you can add pepper and other spices. But as a sauce is used not only traditional option in the form of tomato paste. Alternative solution:
  • cream cheese;
  • squash caviar;
  • hummus;
  • pesto.
The main thing that the filling is not too liquid. With this sauce the dough may swim, and the middle break.
One pizza is not recommended to use more than 4 ingredients. It is important that they blend together in taste. The thickness of the toppings — not more than 1 cm.
At home you can cook traditional types of pizza: "Margherita", "Pepperoni", "Hawaiian", "neapolitano", "Four cheese", or use exotic combinations of foods that provide original and unique taste. If you are in search of such combinations, note the following options:
  • soft cheese, pear and honey;
  • eggs with spinach and cheese;
  • ground beef, tomato paste and herbs;
  • mushrooms, onions and Parmesan cheese;
  • smoked salmon, Dijon mustard and olives.
In the Internet you can find different recipes of the Italian dishes that are easy to implement in your kitchen. Follow your own preferences in the choice of products that combine favorite components on an air test, and the result will exceed timeout

Cheese — head
Perfect in appearance the pizza must be covered with a layer of melted, stretchy and slightly browned cheese. Not the best options for creation of such a crust are cheddar, Colby and Edam. The perfect cheese for pizza: Gruyere, Provolone, Emmental.
They contain large amount of fat, slowly lose moisture during baking, create the effect of Golden, Golden brown. To ensure the softness and malleability of the cheese layer you can use mozzarella. Its mild flavor goes well with different meat, fish or vegetable components.


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