The choice of the budget monitor for the average user

Forty two million eight hundred thirty four thousand two hundred sixty three

When choosing a monitor, customers face serious challenges. According to most users, monitor which they buy, should be universal:
  • It should not cause discomfort when working for many hours;
  • Color rendition must be at a height below in any time of the day you can play your favorite games;
  • When watching movies and TV series, the image should not fade;
  • Diagonal should allow convenient to surf the Internet and sit in social networks;

Manufacturers are trying to adapt to its customers, so there are many universal sentences, and monitors, sharpened under the execution of some specific functions (games, watching movies or working). Besides, such simple marketing ploy creates the illusion of choice.

Selection diagonalisation diagonal substantially affect the price, as this affects the image quality. Most buyers are staying on the most popular diagonal from 21 to 24 inches, as these monitors have a relatively low cost and high image quality.

Large monitors are needed to create the effect of immersion in games. Also, when working with web sites, the larger screen can make it easier to scrolling, bringing more detail to the display.

Ergonomicallydesigned will be much better absorbed if the screen has a thin frame with no superfluous details. With regard to design and usability, the presence of LED indicators is necessary. They will signal the user of the work, but the light should not be too bright, so as not to distract from the work at night.

Representable popular resolution for 2018 is full HD (1980x1020). UHD and UltraHD are much more expensive and have a number of specific requirements. Though the latter format is gaining more and more market in the coming years will break the leading position, it still remains inaccessible for most customers. Besides, the developers of software and games is still considered a standard that is FullHD, so you may experience some problems running.

Modes labotanica in monitor power saving mode is a very important feature. Especially it concerns those customers who spend at a computer considerable part of his life. Information about the availability of this feature can be found in the detailed characteristics of the monitor.

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