How do you take care of yourself?

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Taking care of yourself doesn't always look as attractive as it seems. Often this means doing unpleasant things to sweat in training, or to tell toxic friend that you no longer want to communicate with him, or to find a second job to finally start to save money, or — challenge! — to be able to accept yourself for real, not to take on the forces of the past burdens of striving to meet the ideal, and then to arrange a forced "vacation" from this reality using the bath with foam, a glossy magazine and is disabled on all day phone.

Care doesn't must be like a vacation, where are we going because afraid are exhausted and depleted because of the constant internal pressure.

The real concern is not with bath salts and chocolate cake, and the choice to build your life so that you don't have to get away from it.

And this often means the need to do the things you want to do.

It means to look honestly at your failures and disappointments and to decide what you will do with them. This means to accept that some of your desires are satisfied. This means being able to let go of what needs letting go. To choose a new. Someone from your environment is upset, and for someone of your choice will become a victim.

Take care of yourself is to live, not constantly copying other people and to gain a life of its own — one that may not be suitable to others, but which one fits you.

Taking care of yourself means giving yourself the opportunity to be normal. Normal. Newyawka.

Calmly refer to the fact that the kitchen sometimes dirty, and understand that the ideal shape and chat with fake friends is not the main purpose in life.

Taking care of yourself means to understand the sources of their anxiety: to what extent it stems from the fact that you don't realize your hidden potential, and provoked learned once the pattern of the response is frantically thinking about how to solve the problem, before it became clear what was going on.

"The act of self-care is another thing that now society expects from women. You sure picked the right filter on instagram to post this gorgeous vase with berries acai? Candle that you light tonight, done manually or it is rubbish, which offers mass-market? How to stop the inevitable intervention of the capitalist concepts in such a simple thing as taking care of yourself? Personally, I do it, ordering a pizza in the worn sweatpants, but you can have your way."

A world in which self-care has become a consumer trend, is sick. If you feel that regularly are addicted to consumer care of yourself, it means you actually far from true care of the self. A valid concern about themselves has very little to do with how to "treat yourself", and very much to be an adequate parent for itself and make choices in favor of their well-being in the long term.

Loaded to the limit of a hectic life in which there are dependencies and procrastination, has nothing to do with taking care of yourself. Real care of yourself — when you stop trying to "fix yourself" and begin to take care of yourself... and likely find that it helped you to naturally deal with those problems that you desperately tried to "fix".

Taking care of yourself means to be the hero of my own life, not the victim. This means to review all that you have, and so to change your daily life, so it didn't need to run away for a breather. It means to cease to give priority to a life that looks good, before life, which felt good. To stop focusing on the same goals, to have strength to take care of the achievement of other, really important. To be honest, even if not everyone in the world will love you.

To meet, finally, with their own desires and needs, no longer so much depend on others and worrying about their opinions. Become the person that you would like to become and where you are meant to become. Someone who knows bubble bath and chocolate cake is a way to get pleasure from life, and not run away from it.


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