Living a life to the full! 35 valuable tips from a woman with 100 years of experience of life.

35 This wise advice from a woman who managed vzgyanut at things through a priceless 100-year experience.

1. If you are offended or you possessed hatred, leave it. Under no obsoyatelstvah not cause pain to others. I>

2. Never stop loving and believing in love. I>

3. Everything is always for the better. God is good and can do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think. I>

4. Everything in life depends on you alone. I>

5. A time to laugh and a time to cry. I>

6. Travel while you're young, full of energy and opportunities. Do not worry about money. Remember, experience is far more valuable than money. I>

7. We always have available tomorrow. I>

8. Do not compare! You will never be in awe of his own life. Behind the fence grass always seems greener. I>

9. If you do not want to build a relationship someone, do not do it. You have nothing to anyone obliged to. I>

10. Every day, do something about what you have long dreamed of. I>

11. The only constant thing in naschem the world - is that everything around me. Try to understand and accept this truth. I>

12. I do not regret the error. I>

13. Do not be a miser. I>

14. Just worry about what will be important for you in the end. I>

15. Goodbye. I>

16. Be honest with yourself and others. I>

17. Relationships with other people - the most important part of our lives, especially if you have to live with this person in a marriage for life. I>

18. Find what you really like and doing it. I>

19. You should not even try to understand everything around. I>

20. Everything is always, sooner or later ceases to their seats. I>

21. It is said that you can not choose the parents. Lies! I>

22. Get pleasure from their work. I>

23. Do not take any vitamins. Get them naturally, directly from nature. I>

24. Physical activity. Just go for a walk, that's all. This is very important. I>

25. One day you will realize that all your life you did something that really upset about unimportant things. I>

26. Our life - a mosaic. It consists of little things that constitute it are important. I>

27. Do not take life too seriously. I>

28. Remember, love does not break hearts. Otherwise it is not love! I>

29. You did not have time to look around, life will pass you. I>

30. Many things really are not what they seem to us. I>

31. Learn to adapt. A person can go through a lot. I>

32. Thank parents for everything they've done for you. I>

33. Take time to mourn what is lost. I>

34. Establishments pet. At times, you might be lonely. Pets will always remind you that we are all living beings. I think they have a soul. Some of my favorites were my best friends for many years. I>

35. I assure you that you have to belong or not to belong to any religion, but you're bound to find what you believe in, and live in accordance with their beliefs. I>

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