Back to the Future: Is the specter of the Soviet Union will soon reappear on our shelves?

Today, when the shops are crowded, and the choice of dizzy, I do not even believe that the sooner something could not be. But our parents and grandparents - witnesses completely opposite phenomena. Although they claim that the Soviet Union had its own atmosphere.

In connection with the recent decree of the President of Russia on imports of some products, it is possible that we are again back in the old days. Let us recall how it was!

The empty shelves. Sovem empty. B>

What if there is?

Who had time - and he ate.

These endless queues.

The opening of McDonald's. Perhaps this is the greatest place in the history of places. B>

Someone said that to live in the Soviet Union was awful. Who sees this and the bright side, they say, then acquired valued more. Personally, I'm glad that I live now. And you? Share these pictures with your friends!

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