As stamp dollars (17 photos)

The US Bureau of Engraving and securities in the US Treasury every day and around the clock, men and women are working on what is one of the foundations of the modern world. They produce banknotes.

It is here that are born of money: it is the US Bureau of Engraving and securities in the US Treasury.

Sheet of 20-dollar bills.

This label contains the total cost of each pack of 20-dollar bills.

Sheets of 20-dollar bills (total of 10,000), which, after the printing of the federal treasury, the total capital of up to 6, $ 4 million.

William Bolden, a work of the Bureau for the production of banknotes and securities in the US Treasury, put sheets of 20-dollar bills in a special machine, with the help of which applied the Treasury seal. "For me it is not money," said Bolden. "It's just a painted paper sheets».


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