Zimbabweans launder dirty dollars

Hand or gentle machine wash in warm water for no longer than 45 minutes, with the addition of soap or detergent
 - And one-dollar bills will be like new. This is the best way to launder dirty bills, say Zimbabweans.
Laundry and dry cleaning especially well for this purpose are not suitable, as a result of dollars fade
and even discolored claim resourceful citizens.

Laundry money - the need for Zimbabweans. In criminal slums of this African state residents hide their savings in underwear and shoes. The results of storage in such "purses" understandable. A majority of banks and business entities in Zimbabwe do not accept dirty, jammed in US dollars. Then it's time to wash. After bathing wet banknotes hanging to dry on a rope, interspersed with the usual laundered linen. US dollar - the currency of Zimbabwe last year, introduced after the world record hyperinflation in the billions of percent. To curb it, the authorities abandoned the national currency (the Zimbabwean dollar) and declared the US dollar legal tender of the country. Especially love to zimbaviytsev-dollar US banknotes can be easily explained. This is the most running bills in local markets, gas stations and pubs. Also popular denominations of 2, 5 and $ 10, respectively, and they fall into the wash more often. The least soiled banknotes bigger that come into the country as a result of trade and banking operations. Life of the American dollar in Africa for much longer than that provided the US Federal Reserve. While in his homeland every dollar bills in circulation, on average, about 20 months in the country of the Black Continent period of her life is extended to several years. More precisely, as long as the note is not completely fall apart, writes Emirati newspaper "Emirates Business 24/7."

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