Electronic cigarette as a gift a man: questions of choice

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Feature of the "male" gifts that they should be not just pleasant but also functional, practical. Electronic cigarette – a classic example of a present for the man who has everything. There is a complete set of gadgets, all kinds of accessories for car also available. So electronic cigarette from https://папироска.рф/ – the best choice of gift at a reasonable cost.


Choose individually
The choice of a particular model depends on exactly who is present.
  • For a friend or brother. The young man, who has no experience with electronic cigarettes, but don't mind this experience to buy, better to buy a budget model.
  • Father or uncle fit model that looks like a conventional cigarette. Older people are more conservative, so the newfangled "fancy" device – not the best option. The perfect gift for the lover of eco-friendly Smoking will be the electronic tube.
  • A gift to her husband – here all especially individually. Based on the tastes and preferences of a loved one, because you know him better than other people.
  • A gift to the head must meet two requirements: presentable and rigor. Electronic cigarette should match the style of working suit and office Manager. Solid premium model — a win-win.

Useful accessories
The gift becomes even more valuable if you combine it with practical accessories, making use of a cigarette is much nicer and more convenient.
  • Suspension on the neck will allow all the time to have a cigarette at hand and prevent its accidental fall. At the same time, do not have to spend time looking for Smoking accessories.
  • Case. Allows you to hold the cigarette and supplies to her right. The risk to forget the fluid or the charger is minimal.
  • Stand. It is particularly relevant for the representative of the electronic tube. Accessory not only at hand, but also decorate the interior.

Liquid for Smoking
To make a faultless selection, it is desirable to know, what kind of cigarettes a person prefers. The choice of fluid is carried out by two parameters.
  • Fortress liquid. Multiply the content of nicotine stated on the pack of cigarettes on 30. Choose liquid based on the received digits.
  • Taste. Here the choice is huge: from fruity to tobacco. There are "cocktails": liquids that combine several different flavors.

Not confident in their own knowledge? Consult an experienced consultant who will help you with the selection.

Even if a man doesn't know the basics of eco-friendly Smoking, through a very short time he will be able to appreciate all the advantages, originality and environmental friendliness of your gift.


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