Useful tips for those who bought a tour to the Dominican Republic

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If you first bought tours to the Dominican Republic from Almaty and want to spend a truly unforgettable vacation, please read this article. We will give you some useful tips to help your holiday in an exotic country will not be marred by anything.


A few words about saving money
To organize not just fun and entertaining, but also more economical vacation allow tours in the Dominican Republic. As the level of service in all local hotels and at every Dominican resort consistently high, to worry about the quality of the stop should never.

If you want to save time, call a taxi to the hotel, abandoning the group transfer. For the service you have to pay at least 35-40 dollars. If a financial issue for you is key, go to the hotel along with other tourists.

Those who are not going to go any further tourist area, buying local money can be dispensed with. "American rubles" will be taken literally everywhere. But the change in the shopping and cafes you can count in pesos. Not the worst option – the use of Bank cards. Don't forget to tell the issuing Bank that are sent abroad. Otherwise your cash card can be blocked.

Exchange of funds should be carried out in specialized exchange offices or banks. Stop exchange services at hotels and airports. Otherwise, your price of stay in the Dominican Republic will be inflated.


Tips for vacationers
Even if you are very thirsty, do not drink water from the tap. Everywhere carry a bottle of soft drink – this is especially important if you eat on the tour. For washing vegetables and fruits is recommended to apply soap. This will avoid unnecessary problems with the stomach.

No matter how upscale your hotel, all the valuables should be removed in the safe. If it is not in your room, contact the receptionist.

The Dominican Republic allows you to relax in comfortable and quiet conditions. But to walk alone on dark streets or deserted beaches still should not be. You can become a victim of a robbery.

In order that the local criminals do not recognize you as a tourist, watch bracelet, outstanding hotel, sleeveless clothes or disguise it some other way.

If you have arrived or came on the market, you can confidently haggle – the price will be reduced. If you are in the supermarket or a regular clothing boutique, discount, due to the ability to talk, not you. The value of the goods in the latter cases, will be fixed.

Plan your guided tour in advance. In this case, you do not miss out of sight the best attractions of the resort.



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