Modular painting on canvas - fashion decor for any interior

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Versatile for any room decor considered modular pattern. Relatively fresh artistic direction caught the fancy of designers home and office interiors. Unlike standard art, these do not have frames, and consist of multiple canvases. It turns out the system horizontally, vertically, or diagonally located elements, which together create a complete image. On the website a selection of these paintings of different subjects.

What features of modular paintings
Imagine a composition that is divided in 2 – 5 parts and they are consistently placed on the wall with some gap between each. And the paintings have no frames, which allows each module to create the appearance of continuing the previous one. If viewed at a distance, then the image is unified and logically complete.
  • The minimum size for parties are considered to be 30 cm.
  • In the standard version, options single leaf up to 1.2 m in height and 1.7 m in width.
  • As the basis can be any material onto which well applied paint or printing.
  • Subframes are made from natural wood.
There are songs written colors. They just differ in price from other products. Also available are prints made by means of printing. Through the use of special eco-friendly ink and technology of digital printing, images are high quality. At first glance, the paintings do not differ from the Handicrafts. The brightness of the shades are lost over time, and all polygons retain their clarity.

In what room choose a modular pattern
Such decoration is perfect for interior of any living room, office, reception. Often with paintings with colorful landscapes decorate living rooms. In the spacious hall suitable modular composition of a large number of segments. Flowers in soothing colors of nature choose for the bedrooms. But the juicy fruits, coffee beans, vegetables will be ideal for placing on kitchen wall. Of course, when choosing any work of art need to focus on the size and layout of the premises and preferences of the house owners, office, office.


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