Rehau plastic Windows in Kiev at the best price from the manufacturer

Fifty one million two hundred forty six thousand seven hundred twenty five

What is high-quality plastic window? This particular system made of PVC, which constitutes an enclosure structure. It protects the person in the room from the cold, moisture, dust, extraneous noise, provides favorable conditions in the house, apartment, any other premises.

If you don't want to freeze this winter, and also plan well to save on heating, choose high-quality plastic Windows REHAU from the company Khimavto. Our Windows have a special thickness and multi-chamber design. This means that within this window you can see several separated from each other compartments. That is what ensures the best performance of energy saving and ensures minimal heat loss.

Best noise isolation of the Windows from Rehau
Specific structural properties and the thickness of the glass guarantees the highest level of noise isolation. Even if you live near a busy motorway, noises from cars and people talking are not heard. Ordering plastic Windows from us, you can be sure that your home is not only warm and comfortable, but also the most quiet.

Reliable protection from hacking
Our Windows are designed in such a way that outsiders are unable to open them outside the room or push inside. Due to the special method of fastening elements of the window fittings are guaranteed a reliable protection against burglary. Additionally, the Windows at the customer's request can be installed an auxiliary locking mechanisms to ensure the highest degree of rigidity, the optimal static characteristics and the high rate of protection against hacking.

Long service life and ease of maintenance
Specially developed composition of PVC and detailed treatment of the basic mechanisms, guarantee a long service life of window systems. Even long-term negative impact of environmental factors is not able to reduce the service life of plastic Windows REHAU, which perfectly cope with their functions more than 30-40 years. For decades, the Windows do not change their shape, form, color, not covered by cracks. Moreover, the systems do not require special care. Periodically wipe the Windows with clean water to for a few minutes to remove accumulated dust and dirt.
Water drainage
Our Windows are not afraid of heavy rainfall. Special hidden drainage system provide for the withdrawal of accumulated moisture. To the outside the window does not lose its aesthetic appeal, all holes and connectors are covered with special protective caps.
Our Windows simply fit into any interior, and not seldom become a real highlight.

How much are the plastic Windows from Rehau Khimavto
The cost of window systems from the premium German profile much higher than other offers of other companies. However, when ordering the Windows at the prices of website, you should remember that you have a reliable construction that will last for many years and will not fail in the first years of active service. Our Windows won't crack, turn yellow, lose their energy saving properties, even in the most severe climatic conditions. At the same time as your neighbors or family will change the Windows already on the second circle, you will continue to enjoy your purchase and a good choice for many years.

For that year, the company Khimavto is the market leader in Kiev for the manufacture and supply of plastic Windows in many ways. We implement in the manufacturing process of advanced development and try to offer each customer the best window solutions.

Why choose us?
  • The most affordable prices with minimal margins;
  • Efficient execution of orders of any volumes and complexity;
  • After sales service (which you are unlikely to need);
  • Free consultations experts in the field of manufacturing and installing Windows;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • Free exit the wizard to remove the measurements.


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