Heart 103-year-old cardiac surgeon Wargame is in order! The secret of health and longevity...

Probably, everyone would like to live years to one hundred! Celebrated the wedding of grandchildren to look at the colonization of Mars and master the skills of teleportation. To unravel the secret of longevity trying the clear minds in all corners of the world, although for a long and healthy life is a rare gift. But I think longevity can learn...

"Website" shares with you the story of a survivor from the US, eminent cardiac surgeon Ellsworth Wargame that claims to have found the key to a long and happy life.

How to live algodonero Ellsworth Wargame 103 years, half of which he is a vegetarian diet. Renowned cardiac surgeon I am convinced that diet and a healthy lifestyle are the cause of its amazing longevity and excellent health.

"You could say that I was by nature inclined to a vegetarian diet. My parents were farmers, and the lack of meat we had, I just never liked animal food. When I completely abandoned it, first worried, get enough nutrients, but then I discovered that you can just make the vitamin B12".

In their practice Wareham've seen a lot of hearts. The doctor says that 50 years ago he and a group of surgeons performed open heart surgery to residents of Asian countries. This experience was the incentive to radically change the lifestyle and nutrition.

"We operated on patients with congenital heart defects. Cases of coronary disease, we almost never met. It is a disease of developed countries," says the surgeon. This is not surprising, because Asians are the adherents of that is plant food. Ellsworth Wareham is convinced that a curse countries with a high level of development is high cholesterol. The doctor says that if people listened to his advice, that coronary heart disease could be eradicated.

"If your cholesterol is below 140, then from trouble with the heart you are almost insured. But the main factor that increases cholesterol, it's saturated fats, that is, almost all animal fats. Scientists have discovered that animal protein affects cholesterol, so even if you drink skim milk, it doesn't make it useful. Sugar also raises cholesterol".

Of course, to lower cholesterol good exercise. But if you do not diet, no exercise will not help in the fight against high cholesterol.

Curious as to how many patients the surgeon managed to persuade him to change diet and to avoid animal products?

"When I was a practicing physician, I tried to tell patients that animal food is not useful. But one has to be ready to meet on this issue. It is very difficult to tell a person who is accustomed to eat meat, what are you going to deprive him of familiar dishes. Food is an extremely painful subject.

People can talk about anything — about the benefits of sports, relaxation, correct psychological attitudes, and they agree with you. But talk about what they are eating, and you find that people are very sensitive about this issue. If the patient is willing to listen to me, I explain why plant food is more useful from a scientific point of view."

All tastes one acquires throughout life, but love to breast milk, of course. This means that parents will be very easy to raise a healthy child, giving the baby the right taste preferences.

"But even older people, like me, can change your taste. For example, some people eat too much salt. Without salt, food seems to them insipid. But if every day a bit to reduce the amount of salt in food, people in the end will not notice the difference. Eating habits you can change in about three months if you want."

The effectiveness of its approach to achieving longevity Dr. Wareham confirms from his own experience. He ceased his medical practice in 95 years, although he was full of energy and colleagues tried to persuade him to stay.

"I could be working. I can do what I was doing before — my hands are not shaking, joint pain, balance not lose. I just decided it was time to spend more time with family", — says a happy survivor.

In his 103 years Ellsworth Wareham leads an active lifestyle. The man driving the car, caring for their own garden and often walks. But his heart and body in General, as he claims, are in order.

"While the aging process is only a gas pedal and no brakes. The most we can do is not to put pressure on the pedal and not accelerate aging. The average person, I must say, with my crazy and busy life revs that is urine," he said once Dan Buettner. So let's live happily ever after!

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