Mistress takes the rough burlap and ribbon Decor... softer than I've ever seen!

Rustic style, also known as rustic style differs from others by its rough unpolished beauty. In the design in rustic style in the course are natural materials — canvas, leather, wood. It is very important to adhere to certain rules of design to get designed in the same style room, which will be the subject of your pride and the envy of all your friends.

Rustic style
  1. The important role played by the location of the house you are going to make out. The perfect place is the shore of a river or lake, a beautiful forest area or mountain views. In short, the closer to nature the better. However, if you decide to register under rustic apartment, then you can accept, even with a sleeping area. Sixty two million five hundred thirty eight thousand eight hundred eighty two

  2. The use of materials of natural origin is the main feature of rustic style. The more they are, the more authentic it will look in the room. The course is stone, wood, textiles, leather, frosted glass. Twenty five million seven hundred thirty six thousand twelve

  3. Wooden floors, we can say, form the basis of the country style. Wood can be different — it accepts variations. From the most basic rocks, such as Apple and birch, to the more noble — oak and mahogany. Twenty six million two hundred twenty seven thousand six hundred forty two

  4. When making a room I advise you not to forget about the fireplace. This is desirable, but the apartment is an open fire can be dangerous, soelectric fireplace with stone shelf perfectly cope with its function. Fifty eight million four hundred ninety six thousand three hundred eighty eight

  5. Whitewashed walls — simply and with taste. If white is too cold for you, ask your colorist to stay at shades of baked milk or ivory. Twenty three million seven hundred fourteen thousand seven hundred three

  6. Massive ceiling beam — a mandatory element of the interior in a rustic style. However, they should not be stylized, but real. Again, the solution is only suitable for private homes. The apartments decorators usually cost fallbackname of polyurethane. Thirty three million seven hundred eighty five thousand five hundred eighty four

  7. Simple color scheme distinguishes the rustic style from, say, shabby chic. Nothing outstanding — shades shall be neutral, earthy, with possible accents of the color of the grass. Ninety two million four hundred ninety seven thousand seven hundred ninety seven

Rustic yet cosy decor of wood and burlap. Today edition «Site» will show you a simple master-class on making a stylish flower of coarse sacking. So it will be the beginning of the rustic style in your home!

You need
  • PVA glue
  • wooden stick
  • a glue brush
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • rough burlap

Progress of work
  1. Cut from burlap strip 20 x 5 cm 9d620cfc3c.jpg

  2. Recede a little from both edges start to pull threads from the weave. Three million five hundred ninety six thousand one hundred twenty

  3. Will be this. Fifty six million seven hundred two thousand two hundred eighty five

  4. Apply some white glue to the remaining edges of the burlap and fold the strip in half, carefully pressing the edges to each other. Ninety one million three hundred twenty three thousand seven hundred twenty three

  5. Start to wind the tape on the stick, gradually Padmasana edge glue. Forty two million five hundred thousand one hundred forty four

  6. See, you get a flower! Forty two million seven hundred fifty two thousand five hundred eleven

  7. Take the flower with skewers, another walk glue joint place and let the flower dry. Ninety one million one hundred eleven thousand eight hundred eighty seven

  8. Then gently press on top of him — the threads will disperse and the flower unfold! Seventy eight million nine hundred ninety seven thousand four hundred thirty two

  9. Here is the charm you get in the end. Ninety five million ten thousand one hundred eighty five

The Council amended a Little desire, a little inspiration and hands will work wonders! Don't be afraid, experiment with materials, take the flax, old jeans, and she will not notice as the house filled with cozy and cute crafts.

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