What to do if you choked and close one? Save yourself!

It often happens that food gets down the wrong pipe, but in most cases, coughing is easy enough to deal with the problem. However, there are times when simple carelessness can cost a man his life. We are convinced that the skills of first aid should own everyone, without exception: both the adult and the child. After reading our article you won't have to Pat a comrade on the back, if he would choke. And here's why...

"Website" will teach you priceless skills of first aid for choking, because maybe someday you will have to save human life.

What if podwieszane suffocation, or asphyxia, is the result of obstruction of the respiratory tract foreign object. If you do not take emergency measures, you can lose precious minutes, which will cost the victim's health and sometimes life.

Pulse is rapidly weakening, the person loses consciousness, without oxygen only 3 minutes in the cells of the brain begin irreversible change, and a minute later death occurs. That sounds horrific. The main thing in such situation — not to get lost. The basic skills of first aid reflex trigger at the right moment, and you will be able to provide a victim with the necessary assistance until the ambulance arrived.

Signs of asphyxiation If you were not a witness to an accident and not sure what was the cause of dyspnea, these signs will help to easily recognize whether there is a foreign body in the respiratory tract. Rather remember!

Paroxysmal painful cough, which is accompanied by redness of the face and watery eyes. The victim there is a sharp concern, there is panic and fear of death. Complicated breathing, and sometimes even its absence. The skin of the victim turn red, then blue. The final stage — loss of consciousness. The victim stops breathing, possible cardiac arrest, followed by clinical death.

First aid for foreign body sticking into the respiratory pathcast if the man choked, surrounding in an effort to help the poor guy clap on the back. But it's actually deadly! Because of the elementary ignorance of the persistent "lifeguard" only promotes the foreign body further down the respiratory tract, but does not help the victim.

The first thing you need to understand that the person is breathing or not. If the victim is breathing and coughing, often coughing is enough for a foreign body of small size left airway. If within 30 seconds the signs of asphyxia only grow, it is necessary to call an ambulance and immediate order to apply the method of the Heimlich maneuver.

If victim is conscious, stand behind him and wrap his torso with both hands. Squeeze one hand into a fist and the back of your hand, where is the thumb, put the victim in the epigastric region (below the rib cage but above the navel). The palm of his second hand lay on top of the fist. Quick push push the fist into the abdomen of the victim, sharply bending your elbows.

The chest of the victim to squeeze is not worth it. If necessary, repeat this method several times until the airway is released. If the foreign body has cleared the trachea, breathing human being will be restored, and the complexion returning to normal.

In the case of dyspnea in a woman in late pregnancy should press your fist on the belly, and mid-sternum, observing extreme caution.

If the person is unconscious or for him not to come back, you must do the following. Lay the victim on his back, sit astride the hips face to the head. The victim's head should not be turned aside! Place the heel of your hand in the epigastric region, a second hand lay on top of the first. Using your own body weight, vigorously push down on the abdomen of the victim up to the diaphragm.

Repeat this impulse a few times, until the foreign body does not release the respiratory tract. It is possible to teach even a child! Knowledgeable in advance the baby will be able to help the victim parent, if there would not adults.

If you still want to Pat the victim on the back, do it right! If the patient is conscious, you must tilt its body parallel to the floor or to put belly to his knees (if the victim is not really overall). Put the heel of your hand on the back in between the shoulder blades. Do a few hard knocks of movements in the direction of the head. This technique will help the foreign body to leave the respiratory tract.

If all efforts are futile and people not coming back, you should immediately begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation. In the first moments after loss of consciousness it is necessary to impose the head of the patient with something cold. It could be a bottle of cold water, ice, or frozen vegetables. This technique will help to increase the life expectancy of the cerebral cortex in case of violation of life.

To apply the method of the Heimlich maneuver you can and to yourself. If the misfortune happened, when no one nearby has not appeared, it is necessary to put hands in the epigastric region as if the help is given by someone else.

Make fast and rhythmic push the fist inward and upward. If necessary, repeat this technique a few times. In providing self-help is all good: the desired place of the stomach can push horizontally on a standing object (table edge, chair back) and produce several strong aftershocks upwards.

Well, what can I do if choked the child, we have been told, but highly recommend you peruse this useful information again!

Safety rules and etiquette that we were taught by parents, — the best prevention of asthma. No talking with your mouth full, not to laugh during the meal, chew food and to know the methods of first aid — that's all the rules. Wisely told the people: "When I eat, I am deaf and dumb!"

I hope you will learn techniques of first aid for choking, and this vital information to share with your friends!

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