It turns out that Breasts can be enlarged with conventional medical iodine... Many people believe in it!

Many people think that the external use of iodine can help enlarge Breasts. But this is not true. The editors of "the Site" debunks the myths. Iodine is really important for the female body, but as a trace element. Its lack leads to disruption of the function of the thyroid gland, slowing production of the hormones triiodothyronine and tetraiodothyronine, which are responsible for the woman's beauty. That's the whole secret.

The lack yogachallenge the body does not produce iodine, it gets it daily from food. To determine if there is enough amount of it enters your body, it is possible using one simple procedure. And in the case of a negative result — to take the measures necessary to compensate for the deficiency of essential trace elements, preventing the development of hypothyroidism disease, which is characterized by reduced thyroid function.

You can conduct a test with iodine. Your regular health, which is sold in every pharmacy.

Before going to sleep on his right wrist held dipped in iodine stick with cotton three strips of length 10 cm each: thick, medium and thin. If in the morning you will not find any stripes, speak to a specialist-endocrinologist.

If only the thickest line, reconsider your diet. This means that you consume along with the insufficient intake of iodine. Most of it is contained in seaweed, baked potatoes, persimmons, broccoli, cranberries, whole milk and other foods, put them on the menu. It is also reasonable instead of regular salt to iodised purchase and add to salads.

If vanished, only the thin line — it's all right. Your body receives a sufficient amount of nutrient for the thyroid gland production of vital hormones.

The Board of Directors to Use iodine in a complex with other vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C, D, b vitamins, a powerful antioxidant — vitamin E (a deficiency also affects function of the endocrine system), the minerals calcium and selenium to help iodine is better absorbed.

Thyroid hormones are also called activity of hormones and preservatives of youth. Therefore, when there is a lack of iodine, logical and change in the psychological state of women. Characteristic signs are a constant depression, extreme fatigue, tearfulness, lethargy, reduced level of intelligence.

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