The new trend of the fall season — ugly shoes. Ugly shoes at its peak in 2017.

Ugly shoes, or ugly shoes— a new trend in this season. The shelves are literally full of unusual models, which simultaneously fascinate and repel by their appearance.

But, many ladies without hesitation give a considerable amount of money to buy a pair of ugly shoes (or several pairs). What ugly shoes gained world recognition?

Twenty six million two hundred eight thousand one hundred forty two

The fact that almost all models of this Shoe was extremely popular back in the 90-ies. Today, the women just missed the comfortable shoes, which obliges one to maintain the image of "sexy goddess" 24 hours a day.

Autumn shoes — 2017
  1. Demi-season shoes from the brand Mango captivates with its simplicity and convenience. In these shoes you can go as a party and long journey.
    Ninety nine million five hundred eighty four thousand nine hundred fifty seven

    Forty nine million eight hundred thirty five thousand seven hundred forty nine

    Three million one hundred sixty thousand four hundred four

  2. Brand Uterque also pleasing simplicity and elegance. Many fashionistas these models might seem too provocative, but it is only first impression.
    Seventy eight million two hundred nine thousand five hundred twenty nine

    Seven million four hundred five thousand one hundred ninety one

  3. Square socks and a heavy heel will give your office style a unique charm. Wearing shoes from Jacquemus to work, you can forget about the inconvenience and discomfort.
    Eighty one million two hundred ten thousand one hundred eighty six

  4. Convenience and elegance. This is what "shout" shoes from Robert Clergerie.
    Thirty five million one hundred forty four thousand nine hundred forty four

  5. The mass market is also not lagging behind global trends. That is why the brand Topshop has released a few models of extremely comfortable shoes.
    Thirty three million six hundred forty four thousand seven hundred fourteen

    Sixty nine million two hundred ninety four thousand nine hundred forty eight

  6. The price of shoes by Martiniano bite. But those who can afford the shoes made by hand, I can appreciate its uniqueness and convenience.
    Eighty four million two hundred twenty eight thousand five hundred twenty

  7. Brands Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Loq and Isabel Marant are also encouraging fashionistas simple solutions.
    Sixty two million five thousand three hundred forty eight

    Thirty two million six hundred forty two thousand three hundred fourteen

    Sixty seven million eight hundred nineteen thousand two hundred thirty eight

  8. Things from brands Zara and H&M have in the closet of almost every woman. We offer to test still and ultra comfortable shoes!
    Fifty eight million nine hundred twenty one thousand seven hundred nine

    Twenty three million six hundred eighty nine thousand seven hundred nine

    Seventy million five hundred twenty five thousand seven hundred seventy three

    Forty four million twenty four thousand one hundred thirty seven

Despite the bold design of this Shoe, our editors are excited about fashion! And you would wear these?

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