Autumn cardigans — 21 stunning model! Find out how to choose the basic thing this season.

Autumn can not do without warm, knitted blouses, sweaters, pullovers and, of course, cardigans. They are appropriate in any situation, and most importantly — they are warm and cozy even on the chilly autumn day.

This season the cardigan is at the peak of popularity. Especially if it's cardigan grey. After all, classic gray entered the season autumn-winter 2017 the top ten most trendy colors according to Pantone. And such a universal thing you can easily adapt to any look.

Women's fashion categorication is in the closet 95% of modern women. These long knitted cardigans are so diverse that allow each woman to find their own style and uniqueness. But when it comes to the selection of attire, we start to doubt whether the cardigan in this way. This garment can not only act as basic things but to be a focus.

Edition «Site» prepared for you 21 gorgeous decision, as what combination of gray cadigan to look stylish this fall. Down with the bad taste, now the only way!

  1. The versatility of a grey cardigan is that it easily adapts to any style: casual or romantic, grunge or boho, and even business. Ninety two million five hundred fifty three thousand eight hundred thirty one

  2. To not look a gray mouse with a gray cardigan, it is necessary to focus on the texture of the material. Try to play on the texture of the fabric. For example, kombinirani large relief patterns cardigan with openwork mesh or thin summer cotton blouse. Twenty one million six hundred ninety seven thousand two hundred thirteen

  3. This season grey is incredibly popular, and you may dress in the cold steel from head to toe and look extremely stylish! Just remember to combine different shades of grey and pick up things of different textures. Twenty two million ten thousand three hundred eighty one

  4. If you're tall and slender, you'll look good long cardigan, it also allows you to visually slightly reduce the growth. Seventy million two hundred thirty three thousand three hundred thirty three

  5. Cropped cardigan it is better to combine with trousers and high-waisted skirts to keep warm in cold weather. Seventeen million four hundred seventy three thousand three hundred forty eight

  6. If you want to change your image, you should pay attention to models with short sleeves, asymmetrical hem or youth hooded cardigan. Thirty five million one hundred fifty six thousand three hundred

  7. If you're short, a wonderful solution would be a cardigan with thin stripes. Also interesting to look drawings and prints, especially of a cell or strip. Seventy three million four hundred eighty six thousand eight hundred forty two

  8. Cardigan is not only a basic element of the everyday wardrobe, it also creates a festive mood, especially if it is delicate. The desire and ability of such a cardigan can be crochet or knitting. However, to combine it only with things made from smooth fabric. Sixty five million forty nine thousand four hundred ninety nine

  9. Popular in the autumn season, the garment may be trimmed with fur, to have buttons or come bundled with a belt. Nine million one hundred thirty eight thousand five hundred fifty three

  10. Cardigans just go perfectly with jeans. And for winter is to choose jeans in a dark wash, and summer — bright. Cardigan complete with jeans would be a great option for a walk or trip to the store. Complement a way a big bag over his shoulder and stylish platform shoes or comfortable sneakers.

    Eighty million one hundred thirty two thousand one hundred forty four

  11. And to create a business image you need straight trousers, white blouse and cardigan gray color, which would be in line with the strict rules of the dress code. Seventy one million two hundred six thousand four hundred twenty eight

  12. Good to wear under a cardigan or simply a free summer bodycon dress. The contrast of textures will only benefit your image. Six million five hundred eighty eight thousand eight hundred sixty

  13. Modern looks dark gray cardigan with a belt and a dress of light material in small flower. In cold weather you can throw on a neck scarf-Snood and wear heeled ankle boots. Six million four hundred thirty three thousand seven hundred fifty nine

  14. Dress looks better short cardigan that will conceal your curves. Forty four million four hundred eleven thousand six hundred forty one

  15. Long black dress and metallic cardigan is a favorite way of many stars. For example, Jessica Alba will gladly apply this combination in your free time and considers it incredibly convenient. Fifty eight million five hundred sixty three thousand one hundred eighty six

  16. Successful example of a combination cardigan with the pencil skirt. Will certainly take it on Board, going to work tomorrow. Eighty six million four hundred eighty one thousand six hundred thirty six

  17. Skirt with floral print will add a dash of optimism in a big way. Just a great combination, isn't it? Forty five million ninety two thousand five hundred fifty two

  18. This season we can't lose sight of the shirt she must be in a woman's wardrobe. Cadigan not have a collar, so are perfectly combined with shirts. For a business look bright, for walking — favorite denim, and feminine look in a floral print.

    Fifty three million eight hundred thirty thousand three hundred ninety nine

  19. Universal and win-win is a combination of a grey cardigan and white suit. This way a very gentle and romantic, but also rather solemn, so it is often used for celebratory events. Sixty nine million nine hundred eighteen thousand nine hundred ninety five

  20. The most popular combination for each day is grey and black. It turns out a little bit strict and conservative, but very elegant outfit. In order to make it more original, add some unexpected detail. For example the hat, clutch and shoes of a different shade.

    Twelve million one hundred eighty eight thousand fifteen

  21. But the gray and red is a new trend. Two radically different tones perfectly complement each other. This Duo doesn't look dull, it breathes optimism and confidence. Sixty million seven hundred ninety thousand nine hundred fifteen

The editorial Board Also suggest you learn the simplest way for 1 evening to sew stylish and versatile cardigan in a boxy cut to the next morning to flaunt my new dress. So rather pick a cloth to taste and get to work.

As you can see, is to use cardigans in their autumn stylish images. These things cozy and comfortable, they will protect from the cold and will be a great addition to fashionable image of both casual and dressy.

Use these tips and create a bright and cool mix with your favorite cardigan. Liked the article? Share tips with your girlfriends, let the beauty around.

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