Provincial outputs not only clothes! Speak and write correctly: 12 words-indicators.

Competent speech — the distinctive feature of the modern human developed. On the contrary, the inability to speak without mistakes can put you in a most unappealing light. Today the editors of "Site" the 12 mistakes in oral speech and in writing often. Remember them, learn the correct options and not make the same mistake again!


Mistakes in words
  1. "Come" or "Come"

    Remember once and for all — just "come" and nothing else. 1d56bf7376.jpg

  2. "I'm sorry" or "I'm Sorry"

    I'm sorry. Asking for forgiveness is better without errors.
  3. "Dress" or "Wear"

    Error is so common that confuse these words even when dubbing films. Put someone or yourself, Put on a dress — hat, dress, pants. 14462a254d.jpg

  4. "I'm sorry" or "Apologize"

    These two words have different meanings. "Sorry," apology. "I'm sorry" conveys action. abf71c7f6f.jpg

  5. "Theirs" "Evoyny"

    There are no words! There is only "Them," and you are done. eb9571f2c3.jpg

  6. "Corridor", "Colider" or "Corridor"

    Only the "Corridor", but hardcore. No bullfighting itself don't let.
  7. "Go" or "Go"

    If you choose from these two options, it is better to keep silent. The correct form would be "Come" and "Go". caa244c5a8.jpg

  8. "With Tula"

    And even With "Moscow" and "Karaganda". If you hear such, do not believe! Muscovites come only FROM Moscow. The same rule applies to all other Russian citizens. 6ede949821.jpg

  9. "In my opinion" or "I think"

    Is always written with "E" and a hyphen. And "I believe" is reminiscent of the slop. e8eefb050a.jpg

  10. "Ice cream", "Ice cream" or "Ice creams"

    Delicious desserts — "Ice cream" and "Cake". No NN. 62d9212ffa.jpg

  11. "Lay down" or "Lay down"

    Not that and not another. This word can only be used with the console. "Put" — that's it. If too lazy to bother with the console, use the word "Put". 94463078a0.jpg

  12. "Frankfurters" or "Wieners"

    Don't laugh. This error occurs very often. Just remember that produce sausage products of meat animals, and not of the greatest female charms.

The Board of revision to Hear correct speech is always nice. Stick to these important rules of the Russian language and master the use of the native language on a daily basis. Success to you!

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