Keep a sprig of the plant in the bathroom, and here's why... Skin is healthy, strong immune system, and hair Shine like never before!

Certainly your apartment is covered with various plants, and even the bathroom, maybe. Have you ever tried to hang a sprig of fragrant plants in the shower? For our editorial it was a real discovery! About this stunning effect can only dream of. But in his amazing scent is hidden...

"Website" shares with you wonderful, at first glance, a trick for the bathroom of the room, which will help and health to strengthen and to lift the mood.

Fragrant Travian the amazing properties of aromatic plants can talk for hours. Them and brewed, and used in dried form, they inhale steam, and drink the broth inside. It turns out that many of the plants reveal their most useful properties in a humid and warm environment. So why not try to hang a sprig of your favorite plant in the shower while the water treatment?

Steam which is created during showering, reveals the most useful properties of the plants. Aromatic oils have a beneficial effect on the mental state, health of skin and hair, and the bright aroma of fresh twigs can not be refreshed! Antiseptic and antiviral properties of medicinal plants will come in handy during seasonal infections. Think this is the easiest way to enhance immunity and have a nice time.

We picked for you the most useful, in our opinion, the aromatic herbs, which should be hung in the shower today. The smell of sage goosebumps...

  1. Sage
    This plant is loved by our ancestors for the ability to give vitality and maintain youthfulness. Inherent in the sage pronounced antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and tonic properties. Salvia officinalis great fights viral infections, are widely used in the treatment of bronchitis, skin diseases and copes with excessive sweating. Try to hang a sprig of sage in the shower and you'll feel much better the cough, improve the condition of skin and hair, strengthened immunity, and rise up. An amazing way to use herbs!

  2. Series
    It is uncomplicated grass grows at every step, and its medicinal properties are widely used in folk medicine. Grass series contains a large number of essential oils, tannins, provitamin a, ascorbic acid, iron, manganese, chromium. Has anti-inflammatory and antiallergic effect, is widely used for the treatment of skin diseases and seborrhea. A series of beneficial effects on the nervous system, has a calming effect and can raise blood pressure. No wonder the decoction of a succession bathe the kids! Try to follow our advice and take the twig series with her in the shower, the effect will be beneficial.

  3. Melissa
    Balm is successfully used in healing purposes, and all from the precious essential oils contained in it. The smell of the essential oil of lemon balm is quite harsh and reminds of lemon. However, a relaxing and calming effect from inhaling vapors of this amazing plant exceeds all expectations. Water treatments with Melissa before bedtime will relieve from anxiety and insomnia, will give harmony and good mood. Be sure to try it!

  4. Eucalyptus
    No wonder funny Koala all day chewing the leaves of this fragrant plant. In addition to essential oil, eucalyptus leaves contain tannins, medicinal bitterness, and volatile — enemies of a variety of pathogens. The healing power of eucalyptus is incredible! It has a detrimental effect on streptococci and staphylococci, kills Mycobacterium tuberculosis and the effect on dysentery Bacillus. The healing scent of eucalyptus will bring emotional balance, relieve from fatigue, eliminate depression and give you a strong immune system. Healthy sleep and protection from infection provided! In addition, the eucalyptus is a great tool to combat pesky mosquitoes and mosquitoes, they can not stand. I think maybe you should get a room eucalyptus today!

Now I understand why you'd like to experience this unusual trick. This use of aromatic plants will not cause trouble and will only bring a lot of pleasure and use. You absolutely must try!

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