21 delightful idea of creating decorative pillows. That even those who do not know how to sew.

A cozy home is impossible without decorative pillows. After just a couple of new pillows to liven up and decorate a living room, bedroom or child's room.

This simple and at the same time, beautiful decoration gives a unique look to any room. Designers recommend to pay from three to six pillows. But I think that pillows not much happens!

It is possible to place pillows not only on the couch and bed, but also on chairs and even throw on the floor! Pillows can act as a bright accent in the interior light. In addition, the adorable decorative pillow can be a great gift.

Decorative pillow your Rochereau "Site" prepared for you 21 gorgeous idea create decorative pillows for the house with his own hands.

  1. This amazing idea can be implemented thanks to the embroidered ribbons. These pads look elegant and cute. Ribbons to create flowers, patterns, ribbons, and even of these magnificent butterflies. In addition, the ribbon trim is quite simple and requires no special skills. Decorate pillows with ribbons can even novice needlewoman.

  2. If a child applique was your thing, you should remember the school skills and using colorful scraps of fabric, scissors, yarn and of course imagination to create a stylish and original thing for the home.

  3. And here is the step-by-step master class how to make an original pillow with your own hands.


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