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The Internet is full of examples where people have changed beyond recognition, leaving their bad habits. But what happens if you do the opposite? How to change your health and appearance, if we decide to do something harmful?

The editor of the Site decided to go on an experiment and see what happens, if often to drink a glass of beer in a month.

I must say that I don't have many bad habits. I often run in the mornings and drink only on holidays. Before the experiment, I went to the doctor to check your health and make sure that everything is in order.

In accordance with the norm I decided to drink 500 ml of beer, just not 4 times a week, as there stated, and 5-6 times, and see the end of the month, how it will affect my health. The first day went as expected, cheerfully, mood much improved.

  • First week. After a few days of my experiment the beginning is often a headache, although earlier such problem was not. I tried to take pictures every day to record the results. Comparing photos, I noticed that the face was slightly swollen and there were bruises under her eyes.

  • Second week. Sleep and Wake was like 100 times harder. I needed at least 40 minutes to fall asleep. And in the morning constantly translate alarm clock, which was late to work. In addition to finally Wake up and start the day, it took me about an hour and a Cup of strong coffee.

  • Third week. Colleagues said that I became irritable. Often I caught myself staring at the monitor, unable to concentrate. Before, I could easily sit and work for about 4 hours without a break and not feel tired. Now every hour I wanted to be distracted. Often he became an eye on watch and wait until the working day is over.

  • Fourth week. I often run in the mornings and trying not to abandon this habit. However, now had to make space effort just to pack up and leave the house. Earlier even in bad weather I'd run at least 12 miles, but now the distance was halved. At the end of the month was that for a run I was only gone 5 times, although I was 10-14 times.

I was most surprised by such a quick weight gain. Despite the fact that I still try to workout, beer belly became noticeable at the end of the month.

To see how much damage I caused to your body, and to consolidate the results, decided to go to the doctor. It turned out that due to the overcrowding of the vessels have shortness of breath, and his face looked swollen. Beer belly has appeared from-for disorders in the endocrine system, and insomnia because of kidney problems.

  • I began to look worse. Just after a week there bags and dark circles under the eyes. Face became pale and swollen. Began to appear a beer belly.
  • Worsens sleep quality. To fall asleep and Wake up was at times difficult. After in bed even 9 hours, still feel tired.
  • Work has become more difficult. Because sleep disorders appeared irritability. It became difficult to focus and force always somewhere to disappear.
  • There are problems with health. Athletic performance decreased in 2 times. Due to problems with blood vessels have shortness of breath and palpitations. Due to poor sleep during the day often had a headache.
All my life I mistakenly believed that beer mug a quiet evening never hurt anyone. Of course, each person will have their own reaction to such things, but now I know that more such experiments will not be solved. Now I'm waiting for a long workout at the gym and healthy food, and door bars for me are now closed for at least a couple of months.

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