15 evidence that the work is never boring

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Cool when funny workers funny things turn into real stories and handed to the team by word of mouth.

We in the Website have collected a few stories from the pages of "Overheard" and "Ward No. 6", which confirm that whoever you worked to miss never have to!

  • Worked as a waiter in a restaurant. Once all day not had a single visitor until 8 PM. Fell asleep in the room at a table from boredom. Woke up from what someone stroking my cheek! Open your eyes, and opposite is a beautiful girl and said: "my Good! I want to eat!"
  • When a few years ago got a job as a operator in the cab, the first time was often a conspiracy. In the dream to place orders, instead of "Hello" could greeting taxi service to blurt out, etc. But the climax came when in the bus, instead of saying: "Stop following on", I have the whole salon from the heart shouted: "taxi, Hello!"
  • I just love rush hour in the subway! An incredible thrill you experience when all jostling in carriages and swear, as I sit cozy and happy. I work as a machinist.
  • Working life is when we approach the colleague and ask: "What is the last name Shevchenko?", and she answered: "Taras" and you both go about your business.
  • 30 years old, married, higher education, two jobs. I Love The "Penguins Of Madagascar". Very. Everybody knows about it, teasing, but good-naturedly. For every holiday he would get the mug with the penguins, t-shirt, plush toy, or something else. I was very glad to my hobby are understanding, but the true happiness came when found out about it chief. Now when he puts the work tasks, every time he says, "you Need this and that. Kowalski, options!" I so great to not work as it is now.
  • I work as a caregiver. Recently the father came. The group does not know the caregiver does not know. But it has shown, how tall is the child, said the girl, said her name. Only girls with the same name we don't know! After much questioning it turned out that he all the school needed, and it is across the street.

  • Work as an English teacher in the language center. So funny to see adults, respectable men in expensive suits who timidly say: "I didn't do homework" — and hiding his eyes.
  • Working in the pharmacy when the hospital. Went to the pharmacy this tremendously brutal man and asked disposable small patch to stick on the place where the blood was taken. I said, "only the children's, sketchbook. What to give you?" He seriously thought, and then a sweet, almost childish voice said, "Let's spiky."
  • In our beauty salon at the Desk called the client to schedule an appointment for IPL.
    — What area? — asked the administrator to know how much time to leave for the procedure.
    — Novosibirsk, — has unperturbably answered on the other end.
  • At work I was given a vacation after yesterday I came into the meeting at 9 am in Slippers and jacket, put on pajamas.

  • I'm the boss of the company. Once there was an interesting case: I approached the Secretary and asked that I let her go home. To the question why, she replied that after 6 not eat, and her daughter made for her birthday cake. Released.
  • Realized that it's time to take a weekend when 10 minutes stood in front of the intercom, trying to open it magnetic pass from work.
  • In my class, which I direct, is a boy with the nickname "the Cretaceous period". Just when I ask him to bring the chalk, then it may disappear for 15-20 minutes and return without chalk. Once he got chalk and cloth at home!
  • In childhood I dreamed to be like Hermione Granger and secretly was waiting for a letter from Hogwarts. 10 years have passed, and I several times a day I hear the phrase "You are a sorceress!" Work in maintenance.
  • I sit at work. Man walks into the office. And asks: "Ruslan? Ruslan Sagirov?" I look at him and ask, "You need someone to call?" He again said to me: "You Ruslan Sagirov?" (Tanya, 21)

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