15 ordinary people who have taken themselves in hand and changed beyond recognition

Thirty five million one hundred forty two thousand ninety seven

To change, nothing supernatural, just a desire. After taking just one step on the road to the dream, you can change your life completely.

The website has collected examples of people that have changed beyond recognition.

The guy in the second year of high school and right after graduation. His story can be seen here.

She lost more than 40 pounds. Her review can be found here.

It dropped as much as 68 kilograms, and its history can be found in the comments on the link.

It is hard to believe that the photographs of the same girl. Her comment and the opinions of others you will find here.

— 90 pounds — and immediately the other person! Read the story here.

About the incredible transformation can be found here.

A small comment, how did she come to this form for 2 years, can be read here.

The story of the Transfiguration in 9 months you can read here.

How this man is conquered others, see the link.

It's really one person. His blog can be viewed here.

He thinks the guy about their changes, can be read here.

How was this result achieved in just 1 year, you can see in the blog.

A short story about the Transfiguration can be found here.

More photos of how changed the girl is on her page.

The story of her weight loss can be found here.

Photos on the preview ifinallyfoundanamethatwasntinusethankgod

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